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  1. luster, streak, hardness and density
  2. light or gentle slope
  3. pangaea
  4. ore
  5. cleavage and fracture
  1. a a mineral deposit large enough and pure enough to be mined for a profit
  2. b properties we use to identify minerals
  3. c two most common elements in Earth's crust
  4. d contour lines that are widely spaced
  5. e all continents put together

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  1. foliated
  2. naturally preserved evidence of an animal's activities
  3. renewable resources
  4. rock's texture is defined by the ? of the grains
  5. a process in which rock and soil are stripped

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  1. colorcavity in ground/rock where a plant/animal was buried


  2. relative datingtelling if an object/event is younger or older than other objects/events


  3. molda not always reliable property used to identify minerals


  4. fossil fuelsprocess used in nuclear power


  5. 20 feet would have contour lines every 20 feethow do you find a contour interval


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