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  1. ore
  2. igneous rock
  3. steep slope
  4. trees, air and water
  5. topographic map
  1. a shows surface features of the Earth
  2. b renewable resources
  3. c a mineral deposit large enough and pure enough to be mined for a profit
  4. d contour lines that are close together
  5. e magma solidifying forms

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  1. a process in which rock and soil are stripped
  2. what is earth's age?
  3. rock layering
  4. rock formed from high temp and pressure, not melted
  5. properties we use to identify minerals

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  1. hydroelectric energywater power


  2. diamond and talcall continents put together


  3. fossil fuelsprocess used in nuclear power


  4. relative datingtelling if an object/event is younger or older than other objects/events


  5. when they cross a valleyevery day they get more energy needed


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