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Science Chapters 2-7 Test

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  1. igneous rock
  2. color
  3. steep slope
  4. hydroelectric energy
  5. 20 feet would have contour lines every 20 feet
  1. a a not always reliable property used to identify minerals
  2. b water power
  3. c contour lines that are close together
  4. d magma solidifying forms
  5. e how do you find a contour interval

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  1. rock's texture is defined by the ? of the grains
  2. minerals classified by chemical composition
  3. renewable resources
  4. object created when sediment fills mold to become rock
  5. properties we use to identify minerals

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  1. when they cross a valleyevery day they get more energy needed


  2. lithosphere, meosphere, asthenosphere, outer core, inner core5 parts to composition of earth from the outside-in


  3. light or gentle slopecontour lines that are close together


  4. divergent, move away; transform, slide past; convergent, push one another3 types of tectonic plate boundaries and their motions


  5. weatheringbreakdown of rock


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