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  1. trace fossil
  2. normal fault, pulled apart do to tension; reverse fault, pushed together by compression; strike slip fault, occurs when opposing forces cause rock to break and move horizontally
  3. mold
  4. strip mining
  5. trees, air and water
  1. a three types of faults and how they act
  2. b renewable resources
  3. c cavity in ground/rock where a plant/animal was buried
  4. d naturally preserved evidence of an animal's activities
  5. e a process in which rock and soil are stripped

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  1. magma solidifying forms
  2. surface that represents a missing part of the geologic column
  3. contour lines that are close together
  4. 3 types of tectonic plate boundaries and their motions
  5. a not always reliable property used to identify minerals

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  1. biomassorganic matter that contains stored energy


  2. weatheringbreakdown of rock


  3. light or gentle slopecontour lines that are close together


  4. circles and then a little linehow do you draw a depression


  5. 6.4 billion years oldwhat is earth's age?


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