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  1. light or gentle slope
  2. sizes, shapes, and positions
  3. color
  4. fission
  5. trees, air and water
  1. a a not always reliable property used to identify minerals
  2. b process used in nuclear power
  3. c renewable resources
  4. d rock's texture is defined by the ? of the grains
  5. e contour lines that are widely spaced

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  1. rock layering
  2. softest and hardest mineral on Mohs' scale
  3. properties we use to identify minerals
  4. all continents put together
  5. solid, geometric form

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  1. lithosphere, meosphere, asthenosphere, outer core, inner core3 parts to structure of earth from the outside-in


  2. silicate and nonsilicateminerals classified by chemical composition


  3. lithospherepart of earth the tectonic plates move on


  4. castobject created when sediment fills mold to become rock


  5. relative datingtelling if an object/event is younger or older than other objects/events


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