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  1. divergent, move away; transform, slide past; convergent, push one another
  2. steep slope
  3. silicate and nonsilicate
  4. 20 feet would have contour lines every 20 feet
  5. normal fault, pulled apart do to tension; reverse fault, pushed together by compression; strike slip fault, occurs when opposing forces cause rock to break and move horizontally
  1. a three types of faults and how they act
  2. b how do you find a contour interval
  3. c 3 types of tectonic plate boundaries and their motions
  4. d minerals classified by chemical composition
  5. e contour lines that are close together

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  1. a not always reliable property used to identify minerals
  2. rock formed from high temp and pressure, not melted
  3. two most common elements in Earth's crust
  4. softest and hardest mineral on Mohs' scale
  5. the color of a mineral in powdered form

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  1. fissiona not always reliable property used to identify minerals


  2. petroleummost common nonrenewable energy source in USA


  3. pangaeaorganic matter that contains stored energy


  4. luster, streak, hardness and densityrock's texture is defined by the ? of the grains


  5. when they cross a valleycontour lines in a v-shaped


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