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  1. strip mining
  2. sizes, shapes, and positions
  3. color
  4. silicate and nonsilicate
  5. cast
  1. a a process in which rock and soil are stripped
  2. b object created when sediment fills mold to become rock
  3. c a not always reliable property used to identify minerals
  4. d rock's texture is defined by the ? of the grains
  5. e minerals classified by chemical composition

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  1. breakdown of rock
  2. 5 parts to composition of earth from the outside-in
  3. shows surface features of the Earth
  4. three types of faults and how they act
  5. two most common elements in Earth's crust

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  1. 6.4 billion years oldsoftest and hardest mineral on Mohs' scale


  2. metamorphic rockfoliated


  3. diamond and talcall continents put together


  4. unconformitiesthey connect points of equal elevation


  5. petroleumall continents put together


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