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  1. advisors to Díaz's government who were influenced strongly by Positivist ideas.
  2. Latin American politicians who favored strong, centralized national governments with broad powers; often supported by conservative politicians.
  3. Latin American politicians who favored regional governments rather than centralized administrations; often supported by liberal politicians.
  4. mounted rural workers in the Rio de la Plata region.

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  1. Manifest Destinybelief in the United States that it was destined to rule from the Atlantic to the Pacific.


  2. La Reformaname of Juárez's liberal revolution.


  3. modernization theorythe belief that the more industrialized, urban, and modern a society became, the more social change and improvement were possible as traditional patterns and attitudes were abandoned or transformed.


  4. caudillosleaders in independent Latin America who dominated local areas by force in defiance of national policies; sometimes seized the national government.


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