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  1. Parietal lobe
  2. Cognitive psychology
  3. requirements of experimental design
  4. Frontal lobe
  5. Psychology
  1. a scientific study of mental processes, including perception, thought, memory and reasoning
  2. b The scientific study of mind and behavior
  3. c a region of the cerebral cortex whose functions include processing information about touch
  4. d a region of the cerebral cortex that has specialized areas for movement, abstract thinking, planning, memory, judgment
  5. e Manipulation and random assignment

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  1. upper left temporal lobe; brain location for speech production
  2. a set o f nerves that carries involuntary and automatic commands that control blood vessels, body organs, and glands. has two major subdivisions: Sympathetic (stressful) and Parasympathetic (relaxed).
  3. Consists of a group of regions in the lower, or basal, area of the brain; it is important as a producer of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which affects the ability of brain cells to transmit information to one another. It is known to have an effect on attention, reflexes, and learning. Degeneration is associated with Alzheimer's disease.
  4. consistency of measurement overtime
  5. respects animal rights and treat them humanely

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  1. Representativenessthe philosophical view that certain kinds of knowledge are innate or inborn


  2. Tabula rasahow common a characteristic or behavior is in the general population (base rate fallacy)


  3. types of heuristicsRepresentativeness, Base rate, Availability


  4. Random assignmenta procedure that uses random event to assign people to the experimental or control group


  5. Heuristicscells in the nervous system that communicate with one another to perform information-processing tasks


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