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  1. (Jungo, Jungere, Junxi, Junctum)
  2. Condone
  3. Contrite
  4. Cum
  5. aptitude
  1. a A natural talent or ability; quickness in learning.
  2. b "With","together with"
  3. c "to join"
  4. d To forgive; disregard an offense
  5. e Thoroughly remorseful of one's sins.

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  1. "to hold","to keep"
  2. to conquer; to dominate completely
  3. to refrain from something by ones choice
  4. "to draw together tightly","to tie"
  5. Impudent; rude

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  1. CommiserateTo feel or express sorrow or pity.


  2. astringent1. severe; constricted; tight


  3. adjunctAn added part not essential to the whole


  4. inept1. severe; constricted; tight


  5. ColloquialCharacteristic of ordinary conversation rather than formal speech or writing.


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