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  1. Condone
  2. Contrite
  3. Commodious
  4. Coherent
  5. injunction
  1. a an authoritative command or order
  2. b showing an orderly relationship of parts.
  3. c Thoroughly remorseful of one's sins.
  4. d To forgive; disregard an offense
  5. e spacious, roomy, as in a house.

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  1. Harsh; severe
    A substance that tightens tissues
  2. to give forms of verbs in a fixed order
  3. 1. severe; constricted; tight
  4. "to hold","to keep"
  5. "to fasten","to attach"

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  1. TenacityHanging on to something persistently or stubbornly


  2. (stringo, stringere, strinxi, strictum)"to join"


  3. impertinent1. severe; constricted; tight


  4. juncturea serious state of affairs


  5. straitA narrow passage of water connecting two large bodies of water
    A difficulty or bad position


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