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  1. longshore current
  2. Abyssal plain
  3. SONAR
  4. upwelling
  5. El Nino
  1. a the movement of deep, cold, and nutrient-rich water to the surface
  2. b large, flat level area of deep ocean basin
  3. c a water current that travels near and parallel to the shoreline
  4. d a change in the surface water temperature in the Pacific Ocean that produces a warm current
  5. e Sound navigating and ranging

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  1. the lowest point of the wave
  2. a movement of ocean water that follows a regular pattern
  3. a large body of water constituting a principal part of the hydrosphere
  4. deep, steep depression on the ocean floor where tectonic plates converge
  5. The distance from any point on a wave to an identical point on the next wave

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  1. Coriolis effectthe highest point of the wave


  2. water cyclethe continuous process by which water moves from Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back


  3. desalinationthe measure of the amout of dissolved salts in a liquid


  4. whitecapthe bubbles in the crest of a breaking wave


  5. rift valleyone of a group of long ocean waves that have steadily traveled a great distance from their point of generation


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