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  1. This strategy of instruction goes through the steps of orientation, presentation, structured practice, guided practice, and independent practice.
  2. Techniques for Elaborative Rehearsal; this technique is where you use "chunking" by charts, organizers, color, mind maps, order of presentation, introduction/summaries/key ideas
  3. Elements of Cooperative Learning: Individual _______________. Meaning that everyone is responsible for everyone else's learning in the group. (We sink or swim together)
  4. Skinner put a rat in a box and if he touched a bar he got food, then over time, through re-inforcement, the rat would learn to repeat that activity this experiment tested the idea of...
  5. These people in Educational Psychology created families of instruction for example, Behavioral (direct-instruction, computer based instruction) and Cognitive (Memory Models) and Inductive Models.
  1. a Accountability
  2. b Direct Instruction
  3. c Operant Conditioning
  4. d organization
  5. e Joyce (and) Weil

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  1. teachers
  2. Constructivism
  3. over/under (with regards to studying this means that people need to learn and re-learn things because they often think they know more than they do).
  4. pegword
  5. Behaviorism (learning theory)

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  1. Lymbic Part of the brain is the __________ part of the brainemotional


  2. Techniques for Elaborative Rehearsal; this technique is where you use contects, senses-writing, visualizing, saying, hearing, cooperative learningMnemonic Devices


  3. If Johnny is always calling out and you give him positive reinforcement every time he does the right thing in the beginning. This is in what part of Schedules of ReinforcementContinuous


  4. Schedules of Reinforcement; determine a fixed number of responses they will get a prize.Fixed Ratio


  5. Schedules of Reinforcement; if you know you are going to have a pop quiz but not certain when exactly it will happen.Intermittent


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