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  1. Constructivism can be looked at in two different ways...
  2. In the information processing model, in the sensory register within about ______ seconds the brain drops out a lot of stuff, doesn't pay attention to it and moves on, getting rid of this information or attends to stimuli and recognizes it as important.
  3. Schedule of Reinforcement; (Intermittent) Reinforcement after a pre-determined, time interval
  4. Responding similarly to similar stimuli, if boat has a long "o" sound, coat also probably has a long "o" sound.
  5. This person conducted an experiment related to operant conditioning, he put a rat in a box and if he touched a bar he got food, then over time, through re-inforcement, the rat would learn to repeat that activity.
  1. a Generalization
  2. b Fixed Interval
  3. c cognitive (construction) (and) social (construction)
  4. d Skinner
  5. e 3

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  1. Piaget
  2. Organization
  3. sensory register, short term memory (and) long term memory
  4. background
  5. Shaping

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  1. Re-appearance of a behavior, thought to be extinguished.Create a New Direct Analogy (Found animals that were both dependable and changing; butterfly, chameleon, dog, baby kangaroo, bird, mosquito)


  2. In the information processing model there are three control processes they are...sensory register, short term memory (and) long term memory


  3. In the information processing model, This information processing category stores information that is meaningful, organized etc.elaborative rehearsal.


  4. Elements of Cooperative Learning: ____________ leadership was developed by Johnson and JohnsonShared (each person is responsible for a different part)


  5. Most computer-based instruction is a part of this kind of learning theorymeaning


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