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  1. Final (sixth) step of Synectics is...
  2. First "Family" of Instruction; direct, structure, step-by-step, feedback, studying with repetition, explicit examples
  3. The first step of Synectics is...
  4. In the information processing model there are three control processes they are...
  5. The third step of concept attainment in the inductive model by Jerome Bruner is...
  1. a Attention Recognition, (and) memory
  2. b Revisit (the) Original Topic (Childhood is like a...)
  3. c Behaviorism (learning theory)
  4. d Students generate hypothesis (is it short vowels?)
  5. e Describe the Topic

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  1. Johnson and Johnson
  2. emotional
  3. Discrepant Event
  4. Generalization
  5. Continuous

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  1. The fourth step of the inquiry process is...Student Hypotheses


  2. The Advance Organizer was developed by...David Ausubel


  3. Schedule of Reinforcement; step two, on and off you reinforce the positive behavior you are trying to increaseIntermittent


  4. This person created the theory of concept formation as part of the Cognitive Learning Theory Inductive model.Hilda Taba


  5. Techniques for Elaborative Rehearsal; this technique is where you use contects, senses-writing, visualizing, saying, hearing, cooperative learningassociation


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