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  1. People are generally more likely to be __________confident about what they know rather than ________confident.
  2. The second step of concept attainment in the inductive model by Jerome Bruner is...
  3. These people in Educational Psychology created families of instruction for example, Behavioral (direct-instruction, computer based instruction) and Cognitive (Memory Models) and Inductive Models.
  4. ____________ or prior knowledge is key to new learning
  5. Schedule of Reinforcement; step two, on and off you reinforce the positive behavior you are trying to increase
  1. a Students think about attributes (they all have a lot of vowels, they all start and end with the same letters)
  2. b background
  3. c over/under (with regards to studying this means that people need to learn and re-learn things because they often think they know more than they do).
  4. d Joyce (and) Weil
  5. e Intermittent

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  1. Negative Reinforcement
  2. Direct Instruction
  3. Classroom Management
  4. Processing/take/process/store
  5. Positive reinforcement

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  1. This technique of elaborative rehersal is a part of organization trying to make less out of morepegword


  2. In the information processing model, This information processing category stores information that is meaningful, organized etc.Long Term memory


  3. Humanistic Learning theory has two parts...Discrepant Event


  4. Joyce and Weil developed these 3 Growth structures...Self-concept (and) personal growth


  5. The fourth step of Synectics is...Identify Compressed Conflicts (Finding characteristics of the magic school bus that are opposite)


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