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  1. Reinforcement _____________ positive behavior, punishment _____________ negative behavior.
  2. The first four needs on Maslow's hierarchy are called ______________ needs because you are always trying to get rid of them, you need to satisfy these to learn.
  3. Cerebral Cortex of the brain is the _________________ part of the brain
  4. Schedules of Reinforcement; if you know you are going to have a pop quiz but not certain when exactly it will happen.
  5. The Triune Brain means that the brain has _____ basic parts
  1. a Deficiency
  2. b Variable Interval
  3. c thinking
  4. d increases/decreases
  5. e 3

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  1. LOCI
  2. Students Generate Examples (RACECAR is a palindrome!)
  3. Constructivism
  4. Synectics
  5. Describe Personal Analogies (when we took the specific vehicle of the Magic School Bus and thought of how it would be to be the magic school bus)

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  1. The second step of Synectics is...Create Direct Analogies (this was in class when we took the descriptions of childhood and listed off vehicles that related to the descriptions of the topic)


  2. The first step of Synectics is...Describe the Topic


  3. Schedule of Reinforcement; (Intermittent) Reinforcement after a pre-determined, time intervalVariable Interval


  4. If Johnny is always calling out and you give him positive reinforcement every time he does the right thing in the beginning. This is in what part of Schedules of ReinforcementPunishment I


  5. These people developed Application and Instructional Strategy; Cooperative LearningIndependent (self-paced) (just figuring something out for fun), competitive (very much like in our society people fighting for grades, recognition etc.), Cooperative (working together for a common goal)


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