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  1. Techniques for Elaborative Rehearsal; this technique is where you use "chunking" by charts, organizers, color, mind maps, order of presentation, introduction/summaries/key ideas
  2. In the information processing model, This information processing category stores information that is meaningful, organized etc.
  3. Techniques for Elaborative Rehearsal; this technique is where you use contects, senses-writing, visualizing, saying, hearing, cooperative learning
  4. The fourth step of concept attainment in the inductive model by Jerome Bruner is...
  5. These people in Educational Psychology created families of instruction for example, Behavioral (direct-instruction, computer based instruction) and Cognitive (Memory Models) and Inductive Models.
  1. a miscellaneous
  2. b Long Term memory
  3. c Joyce (and) Weil
  4. d organization
  5. e Teacher Confirms (and states the concept) (yes it is a palindrome)

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  1. Processing/take/process/store
  2. David Ausubel
  3. 3
  4. Behaviorism (learning theory)
  5. Self-concept (and) personal growth

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  1. Abraham Maslow had five levels of needs...Physiological, Safety, Social (love and belonging), self-esteem (and) self-actualization


  2. The fifth step of the inquiry process is...Teacher Confirmation (and) Explanation


  3. Schedules of Reinforcement; determine a fixed number of responses they will get a prize.Continuous


  4. Schedule of Reinforcement; (Intermittent) Reinforcement after a pre-determined, time intervalContinuous


  5. Third "Family" of Instruction; Relationship with the teacher, touchy-feely, self-efficacy, group work, meaningful, personal interestsHumanism (learning theory)


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