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  1. In 1879, the physiologist____ ____ founded the first formal psychology laboratory.
  2. When you use introspection to study the mind, one problem is that the results you get are often inconsistent. Another way of putting this is to say that introspection is not a very ____ method.
  3. One of the problems with introspection is that it is limited to ____ thought.
  4. Examination of one's own thoughts.

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  1. changeOne of the problems with introspection is that the act of observing an internal mental experience can ____ that experience.


  2. brainWilhelm Wundt defined psychology simply as the study of the ____. An important thing to note is that he did not consider psychology to be a study of behavior.


  3. behaviorGalen was an ancient Roman physiologist who conducted some of the very first experiments to show that the ____ controls an animal's behavior.


  4. physiologyThe scientific study of how the body works.


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