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  1. Apollo
  2. Mt. Olympus
  3. Hades/Pluto
  4. Persephone/Proserpina
  5. Crete
  1. a god of the underworld, symbols: magic helmet of invisibility, bident, chariot
  2. b Demeter's daughter, kidnapped by Hades, reason for the season's changes
  3. c god of music, poetry, and medicine, symbols: sun, bow and arrows
  4. d birthplace of Zeus
  5. e home of the twelve Olympian gods

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  1. god of wine, symbol: wine glass, known for encounters with Pentheus and the pirates
  2. birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, ancient sight of a stone thrown up by Cronus
  3. goddess of wisdom and arts and crafts, symbols: helmet, shield with head of Medusa, born out of Zeus' head
  4. king of the gods, symbols: thunderbolt, eagle
  5. goddess of love, symbols: rose, dove

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  1. Demeter/Ceresgoddess of crops and motherhood, symbols: wheat, torch, daughter Persephone was stolen by Hades


  2. Musespatrons of the arts, inspiration for Greek works, nine of them


  3. Cronus/Rheapatrons of the arts, inspiration for Greek works, nine of them


  4. Hermes/Mercurygod of war, symbols: helmet


  5. Hephaestus/Vulcangod of the forge, symbols: hammer and anvil


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