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  1. Debt
  2. Deductible
  3. Tip
  4. Contract
  5. Savings & Loan Association
  1. a A legally binding agreement between two or more parties.
  2. b An amount paid for a service beyond what's required, usually to express satisfaction; also known as a gratuity.
  3. c Something owed, usually measured in dollars.
  4. d A state or federally chartered for-profit financial institution that pays dividends on deposits and makes mortgage loans.
  5. e The dollar amount or percentage of a loss that is not insured, as specified in an insurance policy.

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  1. 1. An amount of money originally invested, excluding any interest or dividends. 2. An amount borrowed, or an outstanding loan balance.
  2. Earnings from sources other than employment, including investment returns and royalties.
  3. An easy-access credit business that makes high interest loans for the period of the borrower's pay cycle. This practice is illegal in some states.
  4. Provides property damage and liability coverage under specific circumstances.
  5. Another name for budget.

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  1. Point of Sale (POS)The location where a transaction occurs. POS software can track sales, inventory, and customer information.


  2. RiskA measure of the likelihood of loss or the uncertainty of an investment's rate of return.


  3. Open-end CreditA specific-purpose loan requiring repayment with interest and any other finance charges by a specific date. Examples include most mortgages or auto loans.


  4. Savings BondA financial institution deposit account that pays interest and allows withdrawals.


  5. TrustA government fee on business and individual income, activities, or products.


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