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  1. The quantity of light that reaches your sensor is controlled by what?
  2. This type of backup system is fault-tolerant because it creates redundant data
  3. The image transmitted by the lens is recorded by the what?
  4. Cyan is composed of equal parts of what two colors?
  5. What two controls adjust the amount of light that reaches the sensor?
  1. a RAID system
  2. b Blue & Green
  3. c Shutter speed & aperture
  4. d Aperture and shutter
  5. e sensor

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  1. Lower
  2. Depth of field
  3. In the middle
  4. A high contrast image
  5. 1) Use a longer lens; 2) Move closer to the subject

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  1. What are the effects of lighting from above the subject's face?Creates deep shadows in eye pockets, under nose, and chin.


  2. According to the Inverse Square Law, at a distance of 10 feet from a flash, the area illuminated receives how much more/less light than the area illuminated at 20 feet from the flash?Black (0)


  3. What is a derivative file?A RAW file that has been altered


  4. What is an element and where is it found?A simple lens with two curved sides or one curved and one flat side; found in a compound lens.


  5. How much resolution do you need for: Internet? Newspaper? Photographic print? Glossy magazine?Internet = 72 ppi; Photographic print = 240-300 ppi; Gloss magazine = 400 ppi


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