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  1. What is the name of the issue that prevents you from seeing exactly what the lens sees when using a rangefinder camera at close distances?
  2. What kind of lighting pattern is useful to narrow a face?
  3. A lens with a very wide angle of view and produces extreme barrel distortion is what kind of lens?
  4. A histogram shows what in an image?
  5. Stopping a lens down from f/8 to f/16 represents a X stop difference
  1. a Fisheye
  2. b Short lighting
  3. c Parallax
  4. d The brightness values of all the pixels in an image illustrated as a graph numbering from 0 to 255.
  5. e Two (f/8 > f/11 > f/16)

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  1. An 8-BIT sequence that represents 256 possibilities - black & white & 254 shades of grey. The size of a file is the number of bytes it contains.
  2. To set accurate color standards to any device that captures or displays color.
  3. Infinity
  4. Add cyan
  5. Jpg

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  1. An SLR camera uses what to allow you to see exactly what you'll photograph?A mirror and pentaprism


  2. What is TTL?Through the Lens. A camera that can automatically control flash exposure using sensors inside the camera.


  3. In short lighting, where is the main light placed?Short lighting


  4. An in-camera reflected meter reading a very light toned scene indicates an exposure of 1/250th at f/8. For a correct exposure, what should you do?Use negative exposure compensation (underexpose). The meter will attempt to make the dark scene 18% grey, underexpose to bring it back to dark.


  5. Whenever another image is copied or moved into a file, Photoshop automatically creates what?A raster image


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