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  1. In a curves adjustment layer, what does the shape of the curve indicate?
  2. According to the rule of thirds, where should the important parts of an image fall?
  3. In short lighting, where is the main light placed?
  4. What are the three main factors that affect depth of field?
  5. What color is opposite Green on the color wheel?
  1. a Magenta
  2. b Contrast
  3. c Along the lines of an imaginary grid at intersecting points that divide the image into thirds horizontally and vertically
  4. d Aperture, focal length, and distance to the subject
  5. e To strike the side of the face away from the camera.

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  1. Incident light meter
  2. Aperture
  3. Hue, Luminance, Saturation
  4. Reflected light meter
  5. 1920 pixels by 2400 pixels (4.6 million pixels)

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  1. Why is depth of field greater on a short lens versus a long lens?Relative aperture. The opening on a long lens must be larger than a corresponding opening on a short lens to produce the same f-stops.


  2. What two camera controls adjust the amount of light that reaches the sensor?Aperture and shutter


  3. All objects beyond the closest distance in focus will be sharp when this appears within the DOF scaleParallax


  4. What kind of light will be produced when using a large white umbrella close to a subject?It should match the focal length. Too wide and it's inefficient; too narrow and it will vignette; most likely the vignette would occur with wide angle of 28mm and below.


  5. If an image is too yellow, what color adjustment should be made in Photoshop to correct it?Add cyan


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