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  1. What image adjustment tool uses a histogram display to alter an image?
  2. What is the color temperature of direct sunlight?
  3. What angle of view does a spot meter read?
  4. Can you save layers in a JPEG file format?
  5. Whenever another image is copied or moved into a file, Photoshop automatically creates what?
  1. a A new layer
  2. b No
  3. c Maybe as little as 0.5 degrees or 1 degree
  4. d Levels adjustment
  5. e Direct sun at 5400 to 6,500 Kelvin

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  1. 5,000 Kelvin
  2. The sensor's sensitivity to light
  3. The number of pixels per unit of length in a image
  4. sRGB
  5. 1) Magnification, or the size of the subject; 2) Angle of view

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  1. What is a flag?Also called a gobo; it is a small panel usually mounted on a stand that shades some part of the subject or shields the lens from light that could cause flare


  2. In the 20th century, black & white photographers used the Zone system to tame excessive contrast. Now, digital photographers use what?More of the background and foreground are sharp.


  3. To produce optimal sharpness, detail, and resolution, is a higher or lower ISO setting better?Glossy paper


  4. Instead of permanently altering your image when adjusting for color and value, what should you do?Use and adjustment layer


  5. An in-camera reflected meter reading a very dark scene indicates an exposure of 1/250th at f/8. For a correct exposure, what should you do?Metadata


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