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  1. neutral color
  2. shutter
  3. Command + Option + Left Arrow / Command + Option + Right Arrow
  4. Command + I
  5. To minimize facial wrinkles, this type of lighting is best
  1. a A color in which red, green, and blue are present in equal amounts, producing a gray.
  2. b Show/hide info overlay
  3. c In a conventional film camera, the shutter is a mechanism consisting of blades, a curtain, a plate, or some other movable cover that controls the time during which light reaches the film. Digital cameras use actual mechanical shutters for the slower shutter speeds (less than 1/250th second) and an electronic shutter for higher speeds.
  4. d Go back / go forward
  5. e Diffused front lighting

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  1. Infrared
  2. Actual Pixel view
  3. Taking a series of photographs of the same subject at different settings, including exposure and white balance, to help ensure that one setting will be the correct one. The camera allows you to choose the order in which bracketed settings are applied, or bracket sequence.
  4. flat, low contrast light
  5. bend toward each other and converge at the focal point.

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  1. dedicated flashMovement of the camera, aggravated by slower shutter speeds, which produces a blurred image.


  2. A magic wand tool is used for what?Selecting portions of the image based on color


  3. hot shoeV


  4. According to the rule of thirds, where should the important parts of an image fall?Along the lines of an imaginary grid at intersecting points that divide the image into thirds horizontally and vertically


  5. Why does the K represent black in CMYK?To differentiate it from blue in the RGB color model


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