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  1. Command + Option + 2
  2. center-weighted metering
  3. saturation
  4. Can you save layers in a JPEG file format?
  5. Increase brush size
  1. a Go to Develop module
  2. b ]
  3. c The purity of color; the amount by which a pure color is diluted with white or gray.
  4. d A light-measuring device that emphasizes the area in the middle of the frame when calculating the correct exposure for an image.
  5. e No

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  1. Q
  2. Add previous/next photo to selection
  3. Shutter speed & aperture
  4. Shutter-priority
  5. 5,000 Kelvin

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  1. Resize a selection about center pointOption-drag a side of transform box


  2. Command + Option + Up ArrowGo to Print module


  3. Decrease brush size[


  4. white balanceThe adjustment of a digital camera to the color temperature of the light source. Interior illumination is relatively red; outdoor light is relatively blue. Digital cameras set correct white balance automatically or let you do it through menus. Image editors can often do some color correction of images that were exposed using the wrong white balance setting, especially when working with RAW files that contain the information originally captured by the camera before white balance was applied.


  5. How much resolution do you need for: Internet? Newspaper? Photographic print? Glossy magazine?Change the shutter speed. The longer the shutter speed, the lighter the background will be. The faster the shutter speed, the darker the background will be because less existing light is captured.


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