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  1. contrast
  2. back lighting
  3. Name 2 ways you can decrease depth of field
  4. Cyan is composed of equal parts of what two colors?
  5. depth-of-field
  1. a Blue & Green
  2. b 1) Use a longer lens; 2) Move closer to the subject
  3. c A lighting effect produced when the main light source is located behind the subject. Back lighting can be used to create a silhouette effect, or to illuminate translucent objects.
  4. d The range between the lightest and darkest tones in an image. A high-contrast image is one in which the shades fall at the extremes of the range between white and black. In a low-contrast image, the tones are closer together.
  5. e A distance range in a photograph in which all included portions of an image are at least acceptably sharp. You can see the available depth-of-field at the taking aperture by pressing the depth-of-field preview button, or estimate the range by viewing the depth-of-field scale found on some lenses.

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  1. Butterfly lighting
  2. Deselect all photos
  3. add/remove the corrisponding keyword in the set
  4. Import photos from disk
  5. Add keywords

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  1. An incident-exposure reading for a fair-skinned subject reads f/8, 1/125th at 100 ISO. The next subject is very dark skinned. What is the proper exposure for the second subject?No change. The EXPOSURE doesn't change or it would also change the background as well. Move the lights to adjust.


  2. additive primary colorsA process that smoothes the look of rough edges in images (called jaggies or staircasing) by adding partially transparent pixels along the boundaries of diagonal lines that are merged into a smoother line by our eyes.


  3. Command + Option + Up ArrowGo to Library module


  4. Load a layer's pixel contentCommand-click thumbnail (not layer name)


  5. What is the color temperature of direct sunlight?Direct sun at 5400 to 6,500 Kelvin


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