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  1. ghrelin
  2. Estrogen
  3. Effect of PTH on bone absorption
  4. Thymulin
  5. Calcitriol
  1. a Thymus
  2. b Receptor- Intracellular receptors
  3. c Formation of new osteoclasts
    Increased activity of osteoclasts
  4. d boost appetite - hormone of stomache cells
  5. e steroid hormone produced by the kidneys in response to the presence of PTH; stimulates calcium and phosphate ion absorption in the digestive tract; the active form of Vitamin D

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  1. Kidney
  2. receptor- tyrosine kinase
  3. 34 amino acids from N terminal
  4. GI Tract (Gastrointestinal Tract)
  5. Excess PTH

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  1. autocrineOXT


  2. Retinol Binding Protein 4Function not well understood; secreted by adipocytes (fat cells) and may communicate signal low blood sugar; recently associated with the development of insulin insensitivity


  3. Corticotropin Releasing HormoneGnRH


  4. hormonesubstances that induce growth, differentiation and/or alteration in metabolic activity of cells


  5. Melanocyte Stimulating HormoneAnterior Pituitary


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