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  1. What is a BYTE?
  2. What is a flag?
  3. As the aperture becomes smaller, what happens to the depth of field?
  4. What is interpolated resolution?
  5. In short lighting, where is the main light placed?
  1. a Also called a gobo; it is a small panel usually mounted on a stand that shades some part of the subject or shields the lens from light that could cause flare
  2. b Interpolated resolution can be generated by Photoshop or any image editing software to increase print size resolution.
  3. c To strike the side of the face away from the camera.
  4. d It increases
  5. e An 8-BIT sequence that represents 256 possibilities - black & white & 254 shades of grey. The size of a file is the number of bytes it contains.

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  1. Additive (R, G, B)
  2. Memory card / flash card / compact flash card
  3. 3200 Kelvin
  4. Decreases the exposure for areas of the print that the photographer wishes to be lighter
  5. One stop less

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  1. The term "ISO speed" is used to describe what?A raster image


  2. Instead of permanently altering your image when adjusting for color and value, what should you do?Use and adjustment layer


  3. What do the bars on the left of a histogram represent?Black (0)


  4. What is the Aperture in a lens?The size of the opening in the lens which controls the amount of light reaching the sensor.


  5. 8 bits per pixel gives you how many colors?256


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