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  1. financing cycle
  2. what is the advantage of opening registry files using registry viewer within a case in FTK?
  3. HTML
  4. FTK Imager can hash or image files that are in use by the operating system.
  5. operational control
  1. a HTML is a simple language that uses tags embedded within the text of a document to control how the document is displayed.

    HTML files are text files that can be created in notepad
  2. b effective efficient performance of tasks
  3. c "companies sell shares to investors, borrow money, investors are paid dividends, interests paid on loans"
  4. d True.
  5. e -A more detailed view is available than the FTK default view.
    -Reports generated in registry viewer can be linked to the FTK report.

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  1. "relationship between preventive, detective, and corrective controls such that P > D + C"
  2. When the system displays a document with highlighted blank spaces and waits for the data to be entered.
  3. True
  4. Used in conjunction with block code - two or more subgroups of digits are used to code the item
  5. ...

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  1. Dictionary Attacks-The most efficient way to break a password is via a dictionary attack.
    -A dictionary attack attempts to crack a user's password by trying known words.


  2. Payout Ratio =Dividends/Net Income


  3. Auditingcause must always precede the effect


  4. Business Process for Public Companiesthe portion of the total force that is unopposed by other forces and so will cause an acceleration; an unbalanced force means that the net force is not zero


  5. Key Space"process by which involves making copies of all encryption keys used by employees and storing them securely. less desirable because now the company has protect the real keys, and the copies of those keys. "


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