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  1. Joint Application Design (JAD)
  2. Net Margin =
  3. Worm
  4. Closed-ended Questions
  5. Chipping
  1. a "Self-replicating computer program similar to a virus except that it is stand-alone, doesn't require a user input to replicate, and it harms networks (usually by consuming bandwidth)."
  2. b Questions that have a simple, definitive answer.
  3. c Posing as a service engineer and planting a small chip in a legitimate credit card reader.
  4. d Net Income/Sales
  5. e A technique to define requirements or design a system in a single session by having all necessary people participate.

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  1. Dictionary Attack
  2. ...
  3. A system that seamlessly integrates product development, product acquisition, manufacturing, and inventory management.
  4. ...
  5. Uses embedded audit modules to continuously monitor transaction activity and collect data on transactions with special audit significance.

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  1. Implementation ActivitiesProcedures that compensate for a control deficiency.


  2. Business Process for Public Companies...


  3. routersComplete as mutually agreed to by all parties and that conforms to an organization's standards, conventions, and guidelines. When something is reported as "done" at the Sprint Review meeting, it must conform to this agreed definition.


  4. ROIROI=(est. time period benefits-est. time period cost)/est. time period costs


  5. Using FTK Imager, if you convert and EO1 to Raw (or vis versa), the Hashes would match.AD Decryption. (Instant)


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