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  1. authentication
  2. Link-Local
  3. System Boundary
  4. uniform motion
  5. Security Support Mandatory
  1. a verify the identity of the individual
  2. b Link local address are addresses that are automatically configured using the interfaces hardware address.
    These addresses are not routable!
    Link local address use the prefix fe80::/10
  3. c The separation between a system and its environment that inputs and outputs must cross.
  4. d IPSec provides
    Encrypted transport
    Certificate based authentication
  5. e motion at a constant speed in a straight line

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  1. the act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; it involves immediate cognition
  2. the characteristic of a body which determines how much it accelerates when a force is applied
  3. Total Debt/Total Assets
  4. A symbol used to denote a group of similar elements.
  5. A description of the hardware, software, and communications networks required to implement planned information systems.

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  1. Working Capital =Reference Tax Table Provided; Taxable Income x Tax Rate


  2. Transitionan agreement between two entities to exchange goods or services


  3. stateful packet filteringDone by the firewall and has an approved list of established connections between org. and internet. Only lets these people in. A VIP list.


  4. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act1-Plowback Ratio


  5. Team-Latest version is IMAP4
    -On port 143 or 220
    -Can view just the header and then download what you want
    -Can display and use multiple folders on the server
    -Primarily used when you want mail to remain on server.


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