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  1. 2nd Month Principal =
  2. Sign Check
  3. Residual Risk
  4. Security Support Mandatory
  5. Time Bombs & Logic Bombs
  1. a IPSec provides
    Encrypted transport
    Certificate based authentication
  2. b Total Monthly Payment - 2nd Month Interest
  3. c "The risk that remains after management implements internal controls, or some other response to risk."
  4. d Trojan horses that lie idle until triggered by a specified time or circumstance.
  5. e Determines if the data in a field have the appropriate arithmetic sign.

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  1. a term referring to atoms whose nuclei can spontaneously change under the influence of the weak nuclear force
  2. A system that supports employee-related tasks such as payroll, benefits, hiring, and training.
  3. The process of installing the backup copy for use.
  4. A true/false test to see whether a transition can fire.
  5. False. They go into a CSV (comma separated values) file.

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  1. Sprintan external agent or actor that supplies data to the system


  2. Effective Annual Rate (EAR) = [1 + (Quoted Rate/m)]m -1]the organization that issues the keys and record the public key in a digital certificate


  3. HTTP ResponseThe HTTP server will respond to the client's request with a response that contains headers that identify features of the document


  4. Company Security Officer (CSO)A diagram showing the sequence of messages between an external actor and the system during a use case or scenario.


  5. Analytical ReviewAn examination of the relationships between different sets of data.


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