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  1. 2nd Month Interest =
  2. Return on Equity (ROE) =
  3. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  4. Reporting Objectives
  5. element
  1. a Net Income/Equity
  2. b Writing statements in a programming language to define what each type of object does, including the messages that the objects send to each other.
  3. c a substance composed of atoms that have an identical number of protons in each nucleus; elements cannot be reduced to simpler substances by normal chemical means
  4. d (Original Principal - 1st Month Principal) x Monthly Interest Rate
  5. e "Help ensure the accuracy, completeness, and reliability of internal and external company reports, of both a financial and nonfinancial nature."

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  1. connects information system to the internet - lets in all traffic that is not obviously false.
  2. Application data is encrypted via some algorithm such that a pass phrase is used to provide access to or generate the encryption key
  3. Packets are opened inspected internally instead of only being examined by header. (central tool of IPS)
  4. "Procure raw materials, supplies, machinery, and the buildings used to carry out the primary activities."
  5. Narrative memos, reports, or lists that describe some aspect of a system.

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  1. Access Point (AP)an output, produced by the system, that goes to a destination


  2. capital structurea term referring to atoms whose nuclei can spontaneously change under the influence of the weak nuclear force


  3. Which of the following files would not be found in the internet/chat files container in the FTK overview tab?
    A.Firefox places.sqlite
    B.Internet Explorer index.dat
    C.Skype main.db
    D.Yahoo .DAT
    Operating Income/Total Assets


  4. Ending Equity =...


  5. ciphertextSystem development process in which work activities--analysis, design, implementation--are done once, then again, and yet again on different system components; they are repeated until the system is closer to what is ultimately needed.


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