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  1. Automation Boundary
  2. Torpedo Software
  3. routers
  4. Key Logger
  5. Virus
  1. a "A segment of self-replicating, executable code that attaches itself to a file or program."
  2. b "Records computer activity, such as a user's keystrokes, emails, sites visited, and chat session. "
  3. c Software that destroys competing malware.
  4. d reads destination address fields in IP packet headers and sends the packet on towards its destination
  5. e The separation between the automated part of a system and the manual part of a system.

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  1. The initial activities of the SDLC, whose objective is to identify the scope of the new system and plan the project.
  2. Guides and oversees systems development and acquisition.
  3. (ROA x b)/(1 - ROA x b) (Note: b is the plowback ratio)
  4. ...
  5. A reasonable assurance that no material error exists in the information or process audited.

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  1. Data Flowcontent of a field


  2. Newton's Second LawThe client software is the software that the end-user uses to access information on the web

    Some examples of client software are:
    -Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox (HTTP) (FTP)
    -WS-FTP or SmartFTP (FTP)
    -Mail software such as Microsoft Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird (POP3) (SMTP)
    -Media players such as Real Player (RealAudio), VLC, etc.


  3. Trojan HorseA set of malicious computer instructions in an authorized and otherwise properly functioning program.


  4. Capital StructurePolicy for Degree of Financial Leverage


  5. 802.11aan extension to 802.11 that applies to wireless LANs and provides up to 54 Mbps in the 5GHz band. 802.11a uses an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing encoding scheme rather than FHSS or DSSS.


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