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  1. value of information
  2. Exposure/Impact
  3. Destination State
  4. Computer Forensic Specialists
  5. Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
  1. a The potential dollar loss should a particular threat become a reality.
  2. b For a particular transition, the state to which an object moves after the completion of a transition
  3. c "Discover, safeguard, and document computer evidence such that its authenticity, accuracy, and integrity will not succumb to legal challenges."
  4. d benefit produced by the information minus the cost of producing it
  5. e Officer in charge of ensuring that a company meets SOX and other compliance.

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  1. Checks that accounts that should be zeroed out are in fact zeroed out.
  2. Maximum transmit unit:

    Path MTU Discovery
    -Packet is sent using routers MTU, any router along the way that can not handle the packet sends an ICMPv6 packet to big message back with its MTU
  3. Antennas are designed to shape the power of the transmitter into a pattern that concentrates the signal in the direction you wish to send.
    OR it gathers signals from the direction you expect to receive.
  4. Wireless connections are desirable when a physical connectivity is prohibited due to distance, obstacles, or costs.
    -Wireless may include any wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum.
    -Different wavelengths have different propagation properties that need to be considered when designing a wireless digital communication device
  5. -Provides shortcuts or bookmarks for frequently accessed registry keys.
    -Additional keys can be added by the user for customization.

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  1. capital budgetingthe process of planning and managing a firm's long-term investments.


  2. hashing" a process that takes plaintext of any length and transforms it into a short code called hash. Ex.. SHA 256 takes plaintext and turns it into a 256 bit hash, no matter how big the file is. No way to convert this back to plaintext. "


  3. Steganography ProgramHides data from one file inside a host file.


  4. All forces result from...Specifications that define the functions to be provided by a system.


  5. Sabotagethe system is greater than the sum of its parts


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