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  1. Superficial
  2. Mundane
  3. Confound
  4. Facilitate
  5. Nefarious
  1. a Worldly as opposed to spiritual; everyday; concerned with the commonplace
  2. b Confuse; puzzle
  3. c Help bring about: make less difficult
  4. d Very wicked
  5. e Trivial; shallow

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  1. Shorten; cut the top off
  2. Extreme corruption; wickedness
  3. Weaken; enfeeble
  4. Servile flatterer; bootlicker; yes man
  5. Complaining; fretful

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  1. BolsterContradict; give a false impression


  2. ImpudenceState if being at rest; dormancy; temporary inactivity


  3. AntediluvianAntiquated; extremely old


  4. ElegyPerson celebrated for wisdom


  5. SurfeitSatiate; stuff; indulge to excess in anything


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