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  1. Folly
  2. Jupiter
  3. Six
  4. Involuntary Manslaughter
  1. a is the number of the home, family, friends & responsibility. The number in Coins/Pentacles often depicts a man handing out money in benevolence as the number is a caring number, a number for taking care of others rather than yourself. The harmony and protection of this number can be seen in the Suite of Swords which has a man crossing calm, flat, waters. The water represents emotions and, unusually for the suite of swords, there is calm here. This will be an easy crossing for the travellers. In some decks the man is on a boat with a woman and child representing the family of this number. The number in Suite of Cups traditionally depicts a man and a woman in a platonic relationship. They are not lovers, just family or friends.
  2. b moon; moonlight; month
  3. c Jupiter
  4. d
    A foolish act or undertaking .

    Ex: I wont except your folly.
  5. e unintended as a result of an unlawful act.

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  1. Pięć
  2. Virgo
  3. 1. Closed form
    2. Blank verse
    3. Rhymed free
    4. Free verse
    5. Eclectic
  4. here
  5. -Я хочу купить ваш дом. Честное слово.

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  1. mountain, hill


  2. It's going to be all right.He волнуйся. Успокойся. Расслабься.


  3. Why do you ask?Пока что все идет хорошо.


  4. Tvilling
    A foolish act or undertaking .

    Ex: I wont except your folly.


  5. Sun in fallPisces


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