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  1. otousan
  2. kesshite
  3. First Degree Murder
  4. . It beats me.
  1. a Это выше моего понимания.
  2. b purposeful, premeditated deliberate killing
  3. c lower part; space below; under; below
  4. d never (adverb)
  5. e father (noun)

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  1. sing (verb)
  2. Environmental Stressors
  3. Exaggerated ideas of self-importance and achievements; preoccupation with fantasies of success; arrogance
  4. be heard (verb)
  5. the determine the nature of a disease based on signs symptoms and lab tests

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  1. not


  2. ningenstore (noun)


  3. LeBlond theory(theory explaining how you get a continuous production of sperm)
    "Only 7/8 goes from A4 generation to In generation, the other 1/8 goes back to being A1 generation"


  4. Spermatogenesisthe process from 1 diploid cell to sperm
    -takes place outside of the lumen


  5. Mars exaltedCapricorn


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