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  1. Månen
  2. Vitamin deficiency
  3. Jupiter in fall
  4. Primary Spermatocyte
  1. a one; a single; whole
  2. b [2N] [Meiosis] [64]
    - 7th generation in sperm development/ forms after 6th division
  3. c stops sperm production
  4. d Moon
  5. e Capricorn

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  1. red (adj)
  2. Referes to the constitution of being from form and matter
  3. hot (adj)

  4. Tear down ; demolish

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  1. ExcuseThe number that should be most obvious in its meaning. In all Suites it symbolizes a new beginning, a fresh start.


  2. tsuzukerucontinue (verb)


  3. Think it over.Aquarius


  4. Suit yourself.Как хочешь. Воля ваша. Делай, как знаешь.:


  5. Pisces Astrology
    Feb 19-Mar 20


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