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  1. boushi
  2. tsumetai
  3. Don't worry, I can make it on my own.
  4. remission
  5. Structured interview
  1. a hat (noun)
  2. b signs and symptoms subside
  3. c He волнуйтесь, я сам справлюсь.
  4. d cold (adj)
  5. e asked a series of questions designed to maintain objectivity while narrowing down the issue

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  1. air
  2. Bodily Movement that could be voluntary
    (unconscious individuals are not responsible for their acts.)
  3. emerge, go out, come out; rise (of sun or moon); produce, emit
  4. Poems that are usually short to moderate in length and reveal a poet;s perspective on a narrow subject or theme.
  5. Virgo

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  1. amerain (noun)


  2. be little (small amount); few; have few, be short of; rarely


  3. maskulinPisces


  4. autumn


  5. chronicA great poem of nations, cultures, and heroes.


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