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  1. reverence
  2. Peripheral
  3. Hardy
  4. Ramble
  5. impetuous
  1. a profound respect
  2. b quick to act without thinking
  3. c Wander aimlessly
  4. d Outer; marginal
  5. e Strong

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  1. talkative, full of trivial conversation
  2. A person who seeks to overturn the established government; an advocate of abolishing authority

  3. someone who makes excessive profit (especially on goods in short supply)
  4. Aggressive in verbal attack; disputatious

  5. harmful to living things

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  1. MercenaryInterested in money or gain


  2. IntimidateHelp bring about: make less difficult


  3. rebuffApprove formally; confirm; verify


  4. LavishLiberal; wasteful


  5. IncongruousNot fitting; absurd


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