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This week

Characterization Terms 35 terms

by icooley9494

Character Analysis - Terms 12 terms

by shrapshrep23

Character Traits A - Z 134 terms

by taiwanteach
Last week

Vocab List Grade 7 15 terms

by mayadevi

Participles, Gerunds, Infinitives, and Appositives 20 terms

by amd15850

Plural Spelling Rules (-ies, -ves, -s & -es) 7 terms

by mayadevi

Spelling test Plurals s es ies 20 terms

by mayadevi

Rhetorical Terms November 22 terms

by Micliffd

The Birds Daphne du Maurier Test Questions 5 terms

by santanamarieshaw

The Birds--du Maurier 10 terms

by Durantula-35
This month

Aesop's Fables : The Ant and the Grasshopper 4 terms

by mayadevi

Varying Sentence Types 20 terms

by rainey2

Sentence Types 3 - Grammar 16 terms

by rtalkows

Greek gods and goddesses 8 terms

by ainat

Greek gods and goddesses - the titans 12 terms

by kmh23

Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of Greek Mythology: Mythology Becomes Language Vocab 15 terms

by Nisa-Nii
In October 2014

Most Common Prefixes : prefix, Meaning, Key word 20 terms

by mayadevi

Most Common Suffixes : Suffix, Meaning, Key word 20 terms

by mayadevi

Grade 4 - 1st Quarter Roots 24 terms

by wehnervisi

Grade 4, Prefix-Suffix 14 terms

by tvanbec

Prefixes/Suffixes-1st Semester 19 terms

by faineb

Prefixes/Suffixes 12 terms

by CrockettMav


by rosescherer

Prefixes/Suffixes 12 terms

by CrockettMav

Grammar: Conjunctions, Sentence Combining, Degrees of Comparison, Double Negatives, Sentence Fragments, Capitalization, Semi-Colons & Colons, Apostrophes, & Hyphens 9 terms

by EleanorV
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