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Mr. C's group is a group of Students from Ballinger America that are taking Spanish II and Spanish III.

In January 2012

Basic Spanish Verbs 23 terms

by quizletsupport
In December 2011

Spanish Present Perfect Tense 31 terms

by bmlogan45

Unit 3: Days, months, seasons and weather 46 terms

by duerr
In November 2011

Numbers 100 terms

by SraCorbin
In October 2011

buen viaje chapter 7 sports 77 terms

by SraHolt

Spanish Family Vocabulary - Spanish 1 43 terms

by Sra-Wallace
In September 2011

Ser y Estar Present tense 17 terms

by addie_the_amazing
In August 2011

Spanish 3 - Preterite and Imperfect 75 terms

by jtheroux

Spanish III Libro Avancemos Unidad 3 leccion 2 page 199 41 terms

by alediazandrade

Clothing and colors (SPANISH 2) 30 terms

by mrbernards

Spanish 1 2A 40 terms

by SrtaK

escuela 22 terms

by esterchi

Spanish Colors 13 terms

by 99pickles

Spanish, Preterite -ir verb endings (excl. vosotros form), Brewton-Parker College 5 terms

by misdrrandy

Master Verb List 203 terms

by MsDonaire

-er Verbs 10 terms

by PLeshock

-ar Verbs 40 terms

by SraCorbin

clothing and colors (SPANISH 1) 39 terms

by mrbernards

Spanish I Adjectives 44 terms

by kellyreynolds

Numbers in Spanish 32 terms

by kerrykettering

Chapter 1 Para empezar 73 terms


Spanish-speaking countries and capitals 20 terms

by Spartridge
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