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Nordhagen 2011

This week

les questions 10 terms

by bjmoore

les questions 13 terms

by MadameMorley

Quelle heure est-il? 9 terms

by channing7

French Telling time: Il est quelle heure? 20 terms

by MichaelSGlover
This month

Leçon 1: Ça va? 39 terms

by MadameNordhagen

Espaces Unité 1 Leçon 1 - Présentations 46 terms

by mmepipou
In September 2014

French Pronouns 8 terms

by TC37

etre 7 terms

by bengithefrenchi

Avoir 9 terms

by stephenaward

Être 16 terms

by Jason_Gleave
In June 2014

Espaces lecon 10 22 terms

by MadameNordhagen

Faire--to do or to make 9 terms

by MadameNordhagen

Espaces Lecon 9 22 terms

by MadameNordhagen

Leçon 8: J'ai Faim ! 64 terms

by Mademoiselle_P
In February 2014

Les Trois Petits Cochons 30 terms

by MadameNordhagen
In October 2012

Espaces 4A Interrogative Words 9 terms

by OCSFrench

D'accord Unit 4A Interrogative (?) Words 48 terms

by MmeThomas

Lesson 7A CONTEXES Nationalities 18 terms

by aimatmaths

PROMENADES Unité 7, Lecon 7B: A l'hôtel et les réservations 41 terms

by Meadows_French

PROMENADES Lecon 7A: Partir en voyage 34 terms

by Meadows_French

French Espaces Vocab Lesson 7 35 terms

by jppin0110

Numbers 61-100 40 terms

by Night513

Espaces Lesson 6 12 terms

by jbmcmahan

French Prepositions of Location: Espaces Lesson 6 14 terms

by jppin0110

Espaces lecon 5B Quel temps fait-il? 43 terms

by OCSFrench
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