LIOS 2012 SC 2 Study Group

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LIOS 2012 SC 2 Study Group

In March 2012

DSM-IV-TR 23 terms

by ilanaoaktree

LMSW DSM-IV-TR 36 terms

by mnicholswolfe

DSM-IV-TR Techinal terms and Defense Mechanisms and Coping Styles 125 terms

by jarnett

Psychopharmacology 69 terms

by darrylgraham
In October 2011

MFT terms: Experiential Family Therapy 37 terms

by wordweaving

EFT for Couples 22 terms

by doctorcole

MFT terms: Contextual Family Therapy 18 terms

by wordweaving

Family Therapy Ch. 6 - Strategic 43 terms

by cramirez

Chap. 6 - Strategic 28 terms

by sbien

Chap. 9 - Psychoanalytic 22 terms

by sbien

Family Therapy, Ch. 5- Bowen 14 terms

by cramirez

MFT terms: Narrative Therapy 22 terms

by wordweaving

MFT national exam: Solution-focused therapy 28 terms

by jennifer_wilmoth

Chap. 10 - CBT 23 terms

by sbien

501: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 66 terms

by liswhip5

Structural Family Therapy 32 terms

by JenniferSharpe

Psychoanalytic Theory 29 terms

by jcrick

Solution-focused Therapy 10 terms

by jcrick

Narrative Therapy 22 terms

by jcrick

Bowen Family Systems Therapy 28 terms

by jcrick

CBT Vocab Deck 18 terms

by Samdigslearning

Chapter 7 Structural Family Therapy 16 terms

by sum1yum
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