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GI stuff.

In May 2013

PHRM 3750: Final Exam - Pharmacoeconomics 42 terms

by eparmer
In December 2011

Equations 9 terms

by evandavidson

GI pharm drug categories 6 terms

by surj

Gi drugs 18 terms

by surj

transporter proteins in GI 16 terms

by surj

lec. 14- liver and bile histology 12 terms

by surj

hernias 23 terms

by surj
In November 2011

Lec 4 Histology of GI Tract 39 terms

by farhizzle

lab 11 - abdominal wall and inguinal canal 41 terms

by surj

Intro to GI 114 terms

by jessellowens

lec.1 - transport proteins 6 terms

by surj

lec.1 - Chemical Regulation of GI functions 7 terms

by surj

lec.1 - Essential Nutrients 31 terms

by surj

lec.1 - Basic functions of GI tract 10 terms

by surj
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