Spanish Exam

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Mid-Term Spanish Honors Exam

In December 2011

Spanish Question Words 16 terms

by sasp

Verbos de Zapatos 23 terms

by armanazad

Object Descriptions 24 terms

by armanazad

Ordinal Numbers 22 terms

by MsDonaire

Unit 3.2a Vocab: Spanish to English (Classes) 24 terms

by ehuff

prepositions 24 terms

by sralau

GUSTAR- conjugations (with infinitives) 6 terms

by gennarid

Stem-Changing Verb conjugation 75 terms

by stacinovak

Conjugations for Irregular YO verbs 47 terms

by SraLugo

ar, er and ir verb conjugation 49 terms

by iamgordon101

CapĂ­tulo 4.1 - activities and sports 42 terms

by jvelasquez

Sports Capitulo 3-2 26 terms

by senoritamorris

Nacionalidades 21 terms

by profewillard

pets 12 terms

by MissAmoros

Spanish Emotions 16 terms

by lakerschool

Physical Characteristics (Simple and Expanded) 47 terms

by ckincaid-prato

Ser vs. Estar 18 terms

by asparrowpercy1
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