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MS French!

In May 2012

Les directions et les places 20 terms

by milaure

Les fruits et légumes 29 terms

by milaure

days and months 19 terms

by frackiewicz

La nourriture 28 terms

by milaure
In April 2012

des Frites 17 terms

by 17jh01
In March 2012

verbe PRENDRE au présent et au passé-composé 12 terms

by milaure
In February 2012

La météo - Images 20 terms

by fr2-fkchs

Les boissons 17 terms

by milaure

Les plats (dans un café) 14 terms

by milaure

Nombres et Couleurs B-Images 32 terms

by fr2-fkchs
In January 2012

French speaking countries 14 terms

by elliotman234
In December 2011

Rosetta Stone Level 1 Unit 1 Lesson 1 56 terms

by amydunbar

Vocab -Lesson 1- Unité1 87 terms

by Dupuis-Ho

french numbers 1-100 10 terms

by india9152

French Verbs-Avoir, Être, Aller et Faire 32 terms

by e-sheers

French Faire 6 terms

by BrighamX
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