Schlaht 3

Billings Senior High School · Billings, MT

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Francais 3 -periode 4

Last week

Métiers 16 terms

by SusannahGomes
In May 2013

French conditional irregular verbs 18 terms

by bm03

French - Conditional Tense 42 terms

by monicasauer
In February 2013

U5 French Verbs - Reflexive Verbs in Passé Composé 56 terms

by abosch
In October 2012

LHS-ACF unit 2 vocab DF Rouge 51 terms

by cgaffey
In February 2012

Quizlet 1: French Personality Adjectives w/ IMAGES 36 terms

by MmeThomas

Week-End Activities/The Countryside 40 terms

by Webby414

Fr2 U2.5 French Vocab - Weekend Activities 56 terms

by abosch

vandertramps 17 terms

by jwizzel


by Elena
In January 2012

Français II - Unité 1 50 terms

by jtheroux
In December 2011

French Animals and Farm Terms 20 terms

by hollie_echols

farm animals 19 terms

by corinneybadii

les Contraires -Adjectifs 20 terms

by jyarmovsky

Fr I: Possessive Adjectives 25 terms

by wilsonlrw

Les adjectifs Français 2 2011-12 104 terms

by MmeKaiser

French Possessive Adjectives 18 terms

by hazardandy

etre, faire and avoir expressions 18 terms

by frackiewicz

1A How are you? 18 terms

by Mme-LaProf

French -er verbs 26 terms

by laguardiaDP

La famille 27 terms

by MadameCarbonneau

Passé Composé 1 à 24 28 terms

by beaulieu

Dr.Mrs.Vandertramp verbs 16 terms

by runaway-man

French Verbs-Avoir, Être, Aller et Faire 32 terms

by e-sheers

French Numbers 1-100 100 terms

by JetLi
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