Lord of the Rings Fan Club!

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This group is for anyone who loves the Lord of the Rings book series or movies! To enter, just tell me what you love about the Lord of the Rings. Have fun!

In September 2014

Quick Reminder 2 terms

by LOTR98

Word Smart 3 9 terms

by GODisalmighty770
In August 2014

word smart 2 11 terms

by GODisalmighty770

word smart 11 terms

by GODisalmighty770

Physical Science module 2 5 terms

by GODisalmighty770

SAT Preparation 21 terms

by GODisalmighty770
In July 2014

general science for module#13 2 terms

by GODisalmighty770
In November 2013

HAPPY 15TH, NAT!!!! :) :) :) 2 terms

by LOTR98
In October 2013

LOTRings 15 terms

by LOTRings
In August 2013

Praise You In This Storm 2 terms

by wholockian98
In June 2013

3 awsome LOTR quotes 3 terms

by Pretty-Pink-Tractor
In May 2013

Lord of the Rings Character Quiz! Which Character are You Most Like? 22 terms

by black-widow

Lord of the Rings characters! Complete list :) 16 terms

by Laffy_Taffy_Girl
In April 2013

Apologia Biology Module 14 17 terms

by Hobbitelf
In March 2013

I'm going to DIE!!! 8 terms

by Benwalley

Easter (beware this is not just your nice Easter bunny scene!) 8 terms

by Benwalley

Marvel's upcoming movies (plus a few others :D ) 9 terms

by black-widow
In February 2013

Returning From War [A short story] 2 terms

by SOSfr
In January 2013

Biology Module 10: Ecology 13 terms

by Hobbitelf

THE Place For Jesus Freaks!!!!!!!!! 5 terms

by normalgirl4

Was Satan Originally a Fallen Angel from Heaven? 7 terms

by Benwalley

DIAMONDS 3 terms

by gailley

Snack Foods 22 terms

by KittyLover38603

origami quiz 19 terms

by Benwalley
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