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Cindy Goering HHSM Class Heritage College

In August 2012

Chapter 5- Medical Law & Ethics 50 terms

by ncctmos

Science Olympiad A is for Anatomy [Neurological] 14 terms

by AnatomyScience2012

Neurological System Disorders 29 terms

by abarton3

Cardiovascular System Disease 15 terms

by cmorg036

Circulatory System 18 terms


Cardiovascular System 60 terms

by RaspX

The Integumentary System 102 terms

by cheryleeb

Week 37 Vocabulary - Integumentary & Nervous System 14 terms

by sdeasy
In March 2012

Medical Insurance vocab 85 terms

by raemb

Medical Insurance 15 terms

by Donnac

Chapter 19 Insurance Theory 21 terms

by staskosgirl6207

Medical Insurance Computer Application 21 terms

by alexedenton

ICBS 170 Terminology list/words Wk 1 chapter 1 & 2 20 terms

by JoDeVera

Medical Insurance Procedures 100 terms

by Donnac

Medical Insurance Procedures 98 terms

by Donnac

Cclass health insurance 47 terms

by pttyf35
In February 2012

law -3- hipaa 3 terms

by rxflash

Chapter 10 Patient Confidentiality and HIPAA 20 terms

by cmarie1578

HIPAA Privacy Rule 32 terms

by Bturnerjr3309

fund. lab skills hipaa quiz 1 46 terms

by jackie89

law, ethics, and HIPAA review 25 terms

by nmThoel

Patient Rights/HIPAA 11 terms

by lexibrooke79

Medicare Fraud and Abuse 7 terms

by mer801

Medicare Structure : Part A 4 terms

by mer801

Medicare 10 terms

by mer801
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