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any one can just come hang out or study basic spanish phrases and words.

In March 2012

SP1 - CH5 - All el/la/los/las 77 terms

by DeGrasse

09. Family and relationships (Span1) 40 terms

by danielpalmer

clothing and colors (SPANISH 1) 39 terms

by mrbernards

02. Classroom objects and commands (Span1) 45 terms

by danielpalmer

SP1 - CH1 53 terms

by DeGrasse

07. Food and meals (Span1) 43 terms

by danielpalmer

03. Numbers and time (Span1) 46 terms

by danielpalmer

Spanish I Adjectives 44 terms

by kellyreynolds

04. Days and months (Span1) 41 terms

by danielpalmer

Nouns - Likes and Dislikes 30 terms

by perez010504

Basic Spanish Verbs 23 terms

by quizletsupport

Body Parts 30 terms

by senorafritz

01. Greetings and courtesies (Span1) 35 terms

by danielpalmer
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