Fandes City

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This is Fandes City. This is the city where we let you decide on how to train for competitions! GO FANDES GO! GO FANDES GO!

Other cities part of the Andaguard Kingdom:

Arundel City
Zorin City
Morta City
Calandis City
Gorgantha City

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S core :

Lo oking for trusted managers

In November 2012

Running Fred 3 terms

by soso07


by soso07
In September 2012

join S&J'S AWESOME GROUP 4 terms

by soso07

Join M&Js advanced School For Advanced Learners Online 5 terms

by imkrazy100
In July 2012

i am deleting all my groups and leaving all my groups 5 terms

by bgeist19

Semperfi 4 terms

by noahbenson
In May 2012

explosive_shart info for Dark_Mist 8 terms

by pokestars

i declare war 6 terms

by pokestars

my favorite pokemon 5 terms

by pokestars

my own chuck norris jokes 32 terms

by pokestars

awesome youtube videos 11 terms

by pokestars

i am lonely 6 terms

by pokestars

why cant we be friends? (on quizlet) 5 terms

by pokestars

MLIA 31 terms

by MyLifeIsAverage

20 Ways to Annoy People 20 terms

by Mewtwo223

yugioh the abridged series 22 terms

by MyLifeIsAverage

Yugioh 18 terms

by Courtney1207

Odyssey 67 terms

by VandenLoren

Grass type 29 terms

by pokestars

fire type 34 terms

by pokestars

Ghost type 17 terms

by pokestars

Dark Pokemon 25 terms

by pokestars

Dragon types 16 terms

by pokestars

Water types 95 terms

by pokestars

Bug types 37 terms

by pokestars
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