Spanish II

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Spanish II

In May 2012

Chapter 8 health 48 terms

by jsuarez8

Buen Viaje Level 1 Chapter 7 Sports 82 terms

by CHSFLDept

Really Important Basic Spanish Verbs 126 terms

by peto


by asparrowpercy1

spanish irregular preterite verbs 60 terms

by gilmanswim123

preterite of some reflexive verbs 96 terms

by yvilla2

Tener idioms 78 terms

by vanengine2

Chapter 8.1 Clothes and colors 90 terms

by vanengine2

Ch. 7 La Ropa Vocab 50 terms

by ibeadorkable

07. Food and meals (Span1) 43 terms

by danielpalmer

08. At a restaurant (Span1) 36 terms

by danielpalmer

06. Leisure and recreation (Span1) 37 terms

by danielpalmer

Spanish 1 Daily routine 37 terms

by mrbernards

Spanish Speaking Countries and Capitals 20 terms

by grschade

E1 U6 ¿Adónde vas? (lugares) 43 terms

by Srta_Manuel

Irregular Verbs: Vocabulary 31 terms

by wildeunsworth

Chapter 10 Travel 36 terms

by vanengine2

Sp 1 - Unit 5: Food (part 2)WITH PICTURES (quiz 5/15) 36 terms

by jmcalister

Latin American Countries and Capitals 19 terms

by alibrizzi

lugares 32 terms

by rkhall

Numbers 1-1,000,000 54 terms


Espanol 1 - 2A - colores 18 terms

by srapinard

Spanish-speaking countries & their capitals 20 terms

by busterstone

Stem-change, reflexive, irregular, and normal family verbs: conjugated YO forms 20 terms

by asparrowpercy2

reflexive verbs past tense 64 terms

by joannhornsten
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