SAC Y8 and Y9 German

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For all St. Anselm's pupils of German in Year 8 and Year 9

In September 2014

German Days of the Week 7 terms

by SACDeutsch
In December 2013

100 Key Words 97 terms

by SACDeutsch

German alphabet and Umlaut 29 terms

by Yonsei
In November 2013

Healthy and unhealthy food and drinks 18 terms

by cJSpEeD96

What to do? 17 terms

by CooperNManley

Symptoms 16 terms

by JPJP123

Foods and Drinks 10 terms

by WilkinsonRooke

Body parts - Gesundheit 37 terms

by WongHo

Beim Arzt 9 terms

by WilliamsKirby

Du musst... 8 terms

by WilliamsKirby

Gesundheit-Time Phrases 20 terms

by Nichtsamundcallum
In September 2013

Echo Express 1 Kapitel 3 - Das ist meine Familie 19 terms

by SACDeutsch
In June 2013

Das Wunder von Bern Vocab 24 terms

by SACDeutsch

Echo Express 2 Kapitel 5 Kleidung 24 terms

by SACDeutsch
In April 2013

past participles with haben 16 terms

by SACDeutsch
In March 2013

German Colours Vocab 19 terms

by SACDeutsch

German Days of the Week 7 terms

by cynthiacapota25

German numbers 1-100 37 terms

by SACDeutsch
In February 2013

Echo Express 2 Kapitel 3 Fernsehsendungen 12 terms

by SACDeutsch
In November 2012

German Food Adjectives 10 terms

by sophiabk

Echo 2 Kapitel 5.2 Kleidung 15 terms

by hymersmfl

Echo 2 Kapitel 5.5 Daily Routine 12 terms

by hymersmfl

The summer holidays and where I stayed 28 terms

by Loubee
In October 2012

past participles with haben Lektion 13 22 terms

by sabine215
In September 2012

Länder in Europa - Ich wohne ... 14 terms

by ACBalaam
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