01 Matematika - 5. i 6. razred

Osnovna škola "22. lipnja" · Caprag, Croatia

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In October 2013

Djeljivost sa 6 24 terms

by Zeljko

Fractions unit 7 Everyday Math 81 terms

by JenHall

Multiplication Table 100 terms

by dydharris

Tools For Working with Fractions 19 terms

by Wellrounded


by Upsydaisy57

Fractions, Decimals and Percents 18 terms

by aoverton19

Ratio, fractions, decimals and percentages 35 terms

by Bettridge


by Upsydaisy57

Number Sense: Fractions & Decimals 14 terms

by sfainter

Comparing Fraction Size 15 terms

by jmwaller99

Fraction/Decimal Equivalents 58 terms

by ljenson

MissDoddsND Comparing fractions 13 terms

by MissDodds

percentage=decimal=fraction equivalents 39 terms

by smelideli

Comparing and Ordering Fractions 10 terms

by bittick

Fractions-Improper Fractions/Mixed Numbers Game 10 terms

by ddermady

GMAT Fractions 11 terms

by wintaker

Multiplication & Division Mixed 420 terms

by egtoman

Perfect Squares Basic Facts 16 terms

by KLivengood

ALL Basic Math Facts 387 terms

by ndbetsylee

ALL Basic Math Facts 387 terms

by BenjaminR
In February 2013

Djeljivost prirodnih brojeva 10 terms

by Zeljko

Matematika 2 terms

by Zeljko

Množenje s 11 116 terms

by Zeljko

Množenje s 9 20 terms

by Zeljko

Oduzimanje 1 (jednostavno) 36 terms

by Zeljko
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