Wesleyan Class of 2016

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Anyone From wesleyan class of 2016, Mr. Moe, Pimp group, if u belong to Jeffereys Group u will be kicked out but people from chris's group are welcome!

In September 2014

Anglo-Saxon Quiz 31 terms

by oml616
In August 2014

English Vocab 2 15 terms

by krockinreed
In May 2014

Which Lit. movement is this? (Jackson) 28 terms

by oml616

Jackson Vocab Roots 15 terms

by oml616
In April 2014

Ch. 9 Spanish Vocab 85 terms

by oml616

History Great Depression 56 terms

by oml616
In February 2014

Gas Relations Test 16 terms

by oml616

History Ch. 15, 13 Test 53 terms

by oml616
In January 2014

Ch.5 Vocab 78 terms

by oml616
In October 2013

Ch. 3 vocab 91 terms

by oml616

Spanish II H 2B 61 terms

by adawn
In September 2013

Spanish Vocab ch. 1 85 terms

by oml616
In May 2013

Latin II Spring Final Vocab 107 terms

by thecookfam


by stephensullivan1234

Irregular Future Verbs 12 terms

by oml616
In April 2013

Spanish Vocab 8A 45 terms

by oml616
In March 2013

Irregular Negative tu Commands 20 terms

by oml616

History Wold War II 72 terms

by oml616
In February 2013

history quiz possible questions 12 terms

by stephensullivan1234

Bible first test 5 terms

by stephensullivan1234

Spanish Irregular Past Participles 12 terms

by oml616

History WW2 quiz 1 15 terms

by oml616
In December 2012

History Exam 100 terms

by oml616

History Exam People 68 terms

by hpeterson
In November 2012

Bio Ch. 6 66 terms

by carolinebaisier14
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