Parasitology & Pathology - VT 107

Portland Community College · Portland, OR

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In July 2014

VT 113 Pathogens 57 terms

by lauratrainer
In March 2014

P&P common names: Poultry, Caged Bird, Lab Animal, etc 35 terms

by LauraSchmidt

P&P common names: Porcine 15 terms

by LauraSchmidt
In February 2014

Equine parasites - in depth 94 terms

by krystal_kyle

Parasitology: small animal images 79 terms

by krystal_kyle
In January 2014

Small Animal Parasitology: Cestodes 2 terms

by LauraSchmidt

Small Animal Parasitology: Trematodes 4 terms

by LauraSchmidt

Small Animal Parasitology Names: Nematodes 17 terms

by LauraSchmidt

Intro to Parasitology 104 terms

by krystal_kyle
In February 2013

Parasitology small animal 67 terms

by svanover0815

parasitology lab 15 terms

by svanover0815
In January 2013

Parasitology Terms 86 terms

by dede_mott
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