Science ROCKS!!!!!!

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Another Quizlet group...on SCIENCE!!!!

Come join this club where you learn about science, talk, and do other cool stuff!!!

Adding sets:
Any school related set is welcome as long it is appropriate. ALthough this group is mainly focused on science, we are also happy and appreciative to receive other school related sets.

Group Discussion:
UPDATE: I will promptly remove any inappopriate materials, and guess what else? What? Science Rocks!!! has made new question of the weeks, so answer as much as you can! Woot!! The member with the four answered questions correctly in the month will be a manager. :)

*Note: If you haven't been active lately in the group, I will demote you as member; however, if you are "contributing" to Science Rocks!. then, you will be promoted to a manager. Pretty self-explanatory. *

Science ROCKS!!! is proud to announce its first anniversary! Yay! Despite its low number of group members, Science Rocks is glad to welcome any newcomers. So, come and join, tell your friends, and spread the word of SCIENCE!! :)

Happy studying!
Brought to you by...Quizlet! Har har har har...
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This week

Science Formulas 15 terms

by bp_1000

Latin Mid-Term Review 139 terms

by minecrafter123456789

A Volcano Set 10 terms

by Susie_Kruger

nothing 2 terms

by vincentchenqwerty

Dark Ages Study Guide 23 terms

by vincentchenqwerty

feudal pyramid + more 11 terms

by vincentchenqwerty

Chapter 2 Section 1 The Nature of Sound 11 terms

by Emperor_Caesar

Lydia123456789 read this. 2 terms

by minecrafter123456789

The Study Group!! 4 terms

by Susie_Kruger

Properties of Minerals 8 terms

by Susie_Kruger

how to tame a dog or cat in minecraft PE 2 terms

by TigerPro

lesson 3 6 terms

by TMNTLover1

Nouveau, Beau and Vieux 15 terms

by vincentchenqwerty


by minecrafter123456789

The Epic of Gilgamesh 35 terms

by minecrafter123456789

Science Unit 7-3 Newtons Laws of Motion 15 terms

by alfordmj

Sound 22 terms

by coolness1337

Science #1 11 terms

by coolness1337

Science Chapter 7 20 terms

by Riya_Malhotra

Micah 6:8 2 terms

by Mary_Reynolds12
Last week

who played nnjd 2 terms

by vincentchenqwerty

Please join my Class! 7 terms

by jc_da_boss_

What's Your Cat's Major: Take this quiz to see what your cat's college major should be. 8 terms

by Gods_Not_Dead

Science Chap 1 40 terms

by Emperor_Caesar

Cell, Member Transport, DNA/ Protien Test 2 103 terms

by BEH3386
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