Science ROCKS!!!!!!

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Another Quizlet group...on SCIENCE!!!!

Come join this club where you learn about science, talk, and do other cool stuff!!!

Adding sets:
Any school related set is welcome as long it is appropriate. ALthough this group is mainly focused on science, we are also happy and appreciative to receive other school related sets.

Group Discussion:
UPDATE: I will promptly remove any inappopriate materials, and guess what else? What? Science Rocks!!! has made new question of the weeks, so answer as much as you can! Woot!! The member with the four answered questions correctly in the month will be a manager. :)

*Note: If you haven't been active lately in the group, I will demote you as member; however, if you are "contributing" to Science Rocks!. then, you will be promoted to a manager. Pretty self-explanatory. *

Science ROCKS!!! is proud to announce its first anniversary! Yay! Despite its low number of group members, Science Rocks is glad to welcome any newcomers. So, come and join, tell your friends, and spread the word of SCIENCE!! :)

Happy studying!
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This week

Science Chapter 3 36 terms

by Emperor_Caesar
Last week


by MT_trotter

Vocabulary of Days, Months, Seasons, Units of Time (Vocabulario de los dias, los meses, los estaciónes, y los unidades del tiempo) 43 terms

by tkdolphin

Spanish time, letters, and greetings 121 terms

by tkdolphin

Atoms Review 24 terms

by tkdolphin

Energy 33 terms

by coolness1337

aiden coopers structure of matter 24 terms

by dolphinsafc

Latin and Greek Roots Two Chapters 9-11 Main Roots 9 terms

by metakirby17

Latin and Greek Roots Two Chapter 9-11 Additional Roots 26 terms

by metakirby17
This month

Science (Light) 14 terms

by metakirby17

Latin and Greek Roots Two Main Roots Chapters 1-5 15 terms

by metakirby17

Latin and Greek Roots Two Additional Roots Chapters 1-5 36 terms

by metakirby17

Latin and Greek Roots Two Bonus Words Chapters 1-5 17 terms

by metakirby17

Latin and Greek Roots Two Derivatives Chapters 1-5 98 terms

by metakirby17

Physical ~ Structure of the ATOM 24 terms

by Maxxx101

Genetics - Chapter 5 Section 1 10 terms

by lmonahan12

solar system review 19 terms

by Alexia_McCarthy

Random Set That Is Hard 200 terms

by lydia12345678

Hardest Set Ever IN The World Come And See!!! It is made from Combo with "Combo with "EASIEST SCATTER EVER" and 27 others" and 27 others 2000 terms

by lydia12345678

Cat Breeds! 23 terms

by MadameKitty

Moar Computer Facts! 7 terms

by MadameKitty

12 Computer (PC) Tricks You Should Try Right Now! 3 terms

by MissKitty777

Computer Facts 8 terms

by MissKitty777

Computer Vocabulary 11 terms

by MissKitty777
In December 2014

Science Chapter 3 Section 1 14 terms

by Emperor_Caesar
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