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Applying to join this group is a test. If you are smart enough to follow simple instructions, you get to join. If not, you don't. The ONLY way to join this group is by following the directions below. It's too big for me to manage until Quizlet comes up with a better way of managing classes. The instructions are SIMPLE. Please read them below:

If you would like to join this group, copy/paste this link in your browser --> quizlet.com/join/DGzTKwsE8


A group created for those wishing to learn the Japanese reading/writing system (kana and kanji), as well as grammar, vocabulary, and phrases.

You will need to be able to view Japanese on your computer to use this group, and please NO ROMAJI (it is a crutch, and hinders learning Japanese).

If you need Japanese support on your computer go here to get the Google Japanese IME--> goo.gl/jDsKXN

If you crosspost random lists or advertisements for other groups, you will be removed if you don't fix it immediately.


This month

Japanese Hiragana 46 terms

by MissPitts
In December 2014

Basic Hiragana Mnemonics 46 terms

by Joyce761

Genki 1 L 1-12 Vocabulary 609 terms

by Will_Hartley

Genki Volume 1: Greetings 18 terms

by jared_mansfield
In November 2014

にほんで90日 漢字ノート Chapter 0: Number Study 51 terms

by jared_mansfield

用 KANJI jAPANESE 4 terms

by Estherchan5

にほんで90日 漢字ノート Chapters 0-1 28 terms

by jared_mansfield

Japanese Syllables 日本語音節 104 terms

by meganm22

Hiragana and Katakana(Including go-juon, yoon, dakuon, and han-dakuon,) 210 terms

by DrKippo

46 Basic Hiragana 46 terms

by CRwhoisbetterthanyou
In October 2014

Hiragana and Katakana 275 terms

by artisticDreamer

Essential Japanese Verbs, 26-50 (Polite Form) 26 terms

by Puddyy

Japanese Words & Terms 1027 terms

by artisticDreamer
In September 2014

Actions in Japanese 8 terms

by FrostyChica

Japanese Family Terms 11 terms

by Ixawk

Kana Japanese lesson 3 15 terms

by KayKale

Kana Japanese lessons 1-3 42 terms

by KayKale

オノマトペ 19 terms

by artisticDreamer

Japanese Honorifics (L19) 40 terms

by laurenn_s
In August 2014

日本語 の動物 10 terms

by artisticDreamer

Kana Japanese lessons 1-2 27 terms

by KayKale

Kana Japanese lesson 2 16 terms

by KayKale

Kana Japanese lesson 1 11 terms

by KayKale
In July 2014

Japanese Kanji/Hiragana: Days Of The Week & Months (Corrections) 22 terms

by Ellury
In May 2014

46 Basic Hiragana 46 terms

by Ixawk
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