Sanders Spanish 4

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Sra. Sanders, Central Montcalm HS, Spanish 2011 and beyond

In May 2011

Unidad 7 64 terms

by mojoani
In April 2011

Unidad 6 118 terms

by mojoani

Unidad 5 48 terms

by mojoani

Unidad 4 81 terms

by mojoani
In March 2011

Spanish 3 1.2 Irregular Imperfect 18 terms

by SrtaK

The Imperfect Tense 14 terms

by clare16

SP 3:5B: Pret vs. Imp Part 4: Meaning Changes 14 terms

by acates

Imperfect verb quiz 25 terms

by alibrizzi

Sp. 3 Present 2 Imperfect 36 terms

by SraCorbin

Imperfect --accidentes 13 terms

by work

Preterite and Imperfect terms 22 terms

by alir311

Spanish 3 - Preterite and Imperfect 75 terms

by jtheroux

Spanish, Preterite -ir verb endings (excl. vosotros form), Brewton-Parker College 5 terms

by misdrrandy

Verbos regulares en el PRETERITO - Cambia la forma del presente al pretérito 42 terms

by Sra_Guadiamos

Preterite Stem Changers(e-i & o-u) 46 terms

by shamiralawrence

irregular preterite stems 13 terms

by mhgraham59

Capítulo 10: Las diversiones culturales 52 terms

by srasheeler

Chapter 11: Un viaje en avión 46 terms

by srasheeler

Capítulo 9: La salud y el médico 41 terms

by srasheeler
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