Girls' High Spanish 2

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Ms. Machado, Spanish 2, 2011

In May 2011

Ser & Estar 16 terms

by GoldenBong

Telling Time 40 terms

by SraGalbreath
In April 2011

Preterite Stem Changers(e-i & o-u) 46 terms

by shamiralawrence

Spanish -AR verbos, present tense 25 terms

by aalbanese01

Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns 21 terms

by girlshighschool

Idiomatic expressions with IR and LLEGAR 10 terms

by girlshighschool

Idiomatic expressions with ESTAR 17 terms

by girlshighschool

Idiomatic Expressions with DAR 14 terms

by girlshighschool

Expresiones con hacer, ir, llegar, y ponerse 31 terms

by Smartgirlsona

Expressions with "tener" 29 terms

by MsDonaire

Tener Expressions 13 terms

by laprofedixon

weather, seasons, days of the week, months of the year 39 terms

by lisapizza

numeros 1-1,000,000 55 terms

by jsuarez8

Spanish months 12 terms

by clay11

Spanish days of the week 7 terms

by tong13579

ser and estar 8 terms

by maddalenam11

Spanish Subject Pronouns 10 terms

by drlev139

Spanish-speaking countries and capitals 20 terms

by Spartridge

Spanish I Adjectives 44 terms

by kellyreynolds

Ser / Estar 10 terms

by girlshighschool
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