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  1. The term meaning the surgical repair of the trachea is _____________.
  2. The heart, aorta, esophagus, and trachea are located in the ___________.
  3. tuberculosis
  4. sudden infant death syndrome
  5. The diaphragm is relaxed during __________.
  1. a mediastinum
  2. b tracheoplasty
  3. c exhalation
  4. d SIDS
  5. e An infectious disease caused by mycobacterium tuberculosi.

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  1. Shallow or slow respiration.
  2. An abnormal condition caused by dust in the lungs that usually develops after years of environmental or occupationa contact.
  3. Chronic enlargement of bronchi or bronchioles resulting from an earlier lung infection that was not cured.
  4. Is paralysis of the larynx.
  5. Has only two lobes: The superior and inferior. It is slightly smaller than the right lung because of the space taken up by the heart.

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  1. pulse oximeterExternal monitor to measure the oxygen saturation level in the blood.


  2. dyspneaDifficult or labored breathing.


  3. Internal RespirationIs the exchange of gases within the cells of the body organs, cells, and tissues.


  4. epistaxisBleeding from the nose.


  5. Influenza
    Also known as the Flu, is an acute, highly contagious viral respiratory infection that is spread by respriatory droplets and occurs most commonly in epidemics during the colder months.


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