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  1. thorax
  2. Airway Inflammation
  3. pneumothorax
  4. Upper Respiratory Infection
  5. laryngitis
  1. a chest
  2. b Is the swelling and clogging of the airways with mucus. This usually occurs after the airway has been exposed to inhaled allergens.
  3. c Common Cold. An upper respiratory infection can be caused by any one of 200 different viruses.
  4. d Inflammation of the larynx.
  5. e Accumulation of air or gas in the pleural spacecausing the lung to collapse.

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  1. Specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the ears, nose, and throat.
  2. Inglammation of the visceral and parietal pleura in the toracic cavity.
  3. Spitting of blood or bloodstained sputum derived from the lungs or bronchial tubes as the result of a pulmonary or bronchial hemorrhage.
  4. Pain in the pleura.
  5. visceral pleura

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  1. sinusitisInflammatin of the sinuses.


  2. tracheotomywindpipe


  3. antitussiveThe form pneumoconiosos caused by coal dust in the lungs.


  4. -spasmMeans involuntary contraction.


  5. the medical name for the disease commonly known as the whooping cough is _________.pertussis


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