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October 16 · We visited a 6th grade Spanish class yesterday and watched students use Quizlet on their Chromebooks. Thanks for having us and giving us great feedback, Live Oak School!

October 2 · We had a great time visiting Notre Dame des Victoires in San Francisco today - thanks to Mr. Palomo and his 8th grade French class!

September 24 · "#TechnologyTuesday @HolyChildRye Using Quizlet on iPads in 5th grade Social Studies with Ms.Schumann" (@mkoetke_sherry, School of the Holy Child, NY)

September 23 · "Quizlet app in Spanish I. #cfmsrocks" (@CFMSCardinals, Chippewa Falls Middle School, WI)

September 17 · "Quizlet fun during SMART Lunch 2 today! Love some HG Freshmen! #welovevocab #classof2018" (@gingerisenhour, Hickory Grove Christian School, NC)

September 11 · "Working hard matching words to math. Thanks @quizlet! #traditionofexcellence #egrms #egrps #mathchat #msmathchat" (@mrmacmathsci, East Grand Rapids, MI)

September 9 · "Students studying about safety in health care using #Iteachlfu" (@CCavazos16, Los Fresnos United, TX)

August 27 · "First time in Quizlet is going fabulous! #sresgrade5" (@sresgrade5)

August 14 · "Love that students are using @Quizlet with vocabulary development! #LionPride #MsVice" (@HaleyvilleLions, Haleyville High, AL)

June 17 · "Yr 2 boys @PEGSLearning new words with iPads and Quizlet flashcard application" (@Normie68, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Victoria, Australia)

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