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Combo with "FPC Chapter 23.2 & 23.3 - Weathering & Erosion" and 6 others Test

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  1. P waves
  2. distance
  3. inorganic
  4. gravity
  5. Dew Point
  1. a primary waves that are longitudinal and thravel through both solids & liquids
  2. b the force that acts between any two masses
  3. c the length of the path between two points
  4. d items not produced by living things
  5. e the temperature at which air becomes saturated

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  1. the rocky outer layer of the Earth
  2. the speed and direction in which an object is moving
  3. the idea that the geologic processes that operate today, also operated in the past
  4. rock that forms from magma or lava
  5. a thick layer of hot, but solid rock located beneath the crust

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  1. fracturea push or pull that acts on an object


  2. chemical rocksthe vibrations that carry the energy of an earthquake


  3. silla structure where intrusive igneous rock runs parallel to existing rock layers


  4. momentumthe product of an object's mass and velocity


  5. Clouda dense, visible mass of tiny water droplets or ice crystals that are suspended in the atmosphere


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