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Combo with "Chapter 13 (No Substitute for Victory" and 4 others Test

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  1. Robert Peary
  2. "melting pot"
  3. The battle of Bull Run
  4. life expectancy in 1900
  5. United Nations (UN)
  1. a the U.S. is called this because of all the people from all over the world who have made it their home
  2. b The battle where Stonewall Jackson and his troops fought against overwhelming odds
  3. c led the expodition that discovered the North Pole
  4. d used for world nations to work together to settle their problems
  5. e girls age 48 and boys age 46

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  1. a machine which removed seeds quickly increasing the speed of harvesting cotton that was invented by Eli Whitney in 1793
  2. the home for Jews after WWII
  3. an abolitionist who wrote a novel that portrayed the evils of slavery
  4. half-wild cattle
  5. 16 new battleships sent by Pres. Roosevelt in 1907 to tour the world

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  1. Countries taken over by Germanycontrolled byt the USA


  2. Sojourner Trutha freed black woman from New York who spoke out against slavery


  3. Oklahoma Land Rushin 1889 the government allows settlers to claim land in Oklahoma


  4. Louisiana Purchasewhenever the government made land available for settlement, people would line up with their wagons and on horses to claim their 160 acres


  5. Booker T Washingtona teacher who started the Tuskegee Institute


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