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  1. convergence
  2. high mass star
  3. main sequence
  4. Geocentric
  5. Elliptical galaxy
  1. a when a star is in Main sequence and turns into a high mass star rather then low mass
  2. b the state of separate elements joining or coming together
  3. c having the earth as the center
  4. d a diagonal area on an HR diagram that includes more than 90 percent of all stars
  5. e a galaxy shaped like a round or flattened ball, generally containing only old stars

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  1. layer of electrically charged particles in the thermosphere that absorbs AM radio waves during the day and reflects them back at night
  2. Air circulation at surface creates wind patterns (Earth's shape and rotation causes variable latitudinal wind deflections.)
  3. Lowest point of a wave
  4. the movement of an object around another object
  5. movement of air from sea to land during the day when cooler air from above the water moves over the land, forcing the heated, less dense air aboce the land to rise

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  1. mesosphereThe uppermost layer of the atmosphere, in which temperature increases as altitude increases, The outer layer of the thermosphere, extending outward into space.


  2. global warminggalaxy that looks like a giant pinwheel spinning through space


  3. weathera substance through which a wave can travel


  4. protostarEarly form of a star; This stage lies between the collapsing of dust and gas and the beginning of nuclear fusion


  5. carbon dioxidea chemical compound made from one atom of the element carbon and two atoms of the element oxygen.


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