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  1. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  2. 14th Amendment
  3. Federation
  4. Veto override
  5. 13th Amendment
  1. a 2/3 in both houses in Congress
  2. b slavery abolished
  3. c gave the U.S. California from Mexico
  4. d due process
  5. e Balance of both

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  1. 270
  2. The process, which the majority power in each statehouse tries to assure the maximum number of representatives from its political party, can be elected to congress through redrawing the congressional district.
  3. Abortion
  4. right to an attorney
  5. active role in government

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  1. what is the reelection rate of an incumbent8%


  2. Advantages of federalismbetter suited for large and diverse populations, states can serve as laboratories of democracy


  3. Baker v. Carrby right legally


  4. 1st Amendmentfreedom of speech, press, petition, assembly and religion


  5. 23rd Amendmentgave distric of columbia 3 electoral votes


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