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  1. sister emmanuel
  2. talmud
  3. evangelical
  4. minbar
  5. tawaf
  1. a protestant christian tradtiion of enthusiastic preaching, literal authority of the Bible, salvation by faith in Christ, conversion "born again" experience.
  2. b the ritualistic icrlcing of the kabah cube seven times at the center of the great mosque in mecca
  3. c a roman catholic nun known for teaching poor children in India
  4. d jewish collection of ancient rabbinic oral tradtion collected as mishnah and gemara
  5. e muslim mosque, the seat atop a short flight of steps from whcih the imam delivers sermons

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  1. a hebrew name for god based on sacred hebrew tetragram YHWH. considered by some jews too sacred to say, so replaced by adonai
  2. the 10 commandments in the biblical book of Exodus 20
  3. the niche in a muslim mosque indicating direction of Mecca, so they can bow that way
  4. called the tanakh, the whole sacred text of Judaism is divided into the torah, the prophets, and the writings
  5. the lists of topics for debate about roman catholic docrtrine that martin muther nailed to the cathedral door in wittenberg, germany in 1517. beginning of protestant reformation

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  1. canonizationbeing hung to die on a cross. an ancient roman means of execution for criminals, also used for Jesus


  2. pilate , pontiusgod sent ________ to punish egypt until pharaoh released the Hebrew slaves. water turned to blood, fish died, water foul.


  3. covenanta formal agreement , treaty, or contract giving each party obligations. may bind individuals states or God. Hebrew covenants with God included Noah, abraham, moses and david, some promsiing the land of israel to the hebrews


  4. jehovaha name for God in Jewish and Christian tradition


  5. ka abathe ancient region along the seacoast in what is now Isreal. its culture and god Baal were opposed by biblical Hebrew leaders


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