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  1. remand
  2. apprise
  3. euphonious
  4. abstruse
  5. ad hoc
  1. a [Gk. eu=good + phone=sound] (adj) pleasing to the ear
  2. b [Fr. apprendre= to learn, teach] (vt) to give notice to; to tell; to inform of; to make someone aware
  3. c [L. ad=for + hoc=this] (adj.) for this special purpose; improvised; (adv) concerning this
  4. d [L. re=again + mandare=to entrust] (vt) to send or order back; in law, to send back to jail or lower court
  5. e (adj) difficult to comprehend; recondite

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  1. [OE bana=killer] (n) the source or cause of death, destruction, or ruin; death or ruin itself
  2. (adj) lacking skill or dexterity; lacking tact perception or judgement
  3. [Sp. pecado=sin + -illo=diminutive] (n) a minor sin or offense; a trifling fault or shortcoming
  4. [ME noy=annoyance, from OE "enui"] (adj) offensive to the senses; disgusting; foul-smelling; noxious, harmful
  5. [Gk. merse=swamp, moor, or bog] (n) a patch of soft, wet ground; a swamp; a quagmire; a confusing situation in which one is entrapped, as in quicksand

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  1. corpulent[L. prurire=itching, longing] (adj.) having or inspiring an excessive interest in sexual matters


  2. bruit[L. prurire=itching, longing] (adj.) having or inspiring an excessive interest in sexual matters


  3. cantankerous(adj) ill-tempered; quarrelsome; difficult to get along with


  4. discursive[L. dis=away + currere=to run] (adj.) 1. digressing from subject to subject; rambling. 2. (of speech or writing) fluid and expansive rather than formulaic or abbreviated. 3. related to discourse (any lengthy exploration of a topic in speech/writing)


  5. bathos[Gk. "depth"] (n) grossly insincere or exaggerated sentimentality; trite material presented in an elevated tone; the lowest phase, nadir; an anticlimax, comedown


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