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  1. Equilibrium
  2. Balanced Forces
  3. Unbalanced Forces
  4. Point of Reference
  5. Newton's 3rd Law of Motion
  1. a When 1 object exerts more force on another object and movement occurs. Forces may be in the same direction or opposite directions, but there is movement. There is a Net Force.
  2. b the relationship between the person and the moving object
  3. c When the 1st object puts a force on a 2nd object, the 2nd object will put a force back on the 1st object as well. Exam: using a hammer to pound a nail, the hammer is creating a force on the nail and the nail is creating a force back on the hammer.
  4. d When 2 objects exert an equal and opposite force on each other.There is no movement!
  5. e When all the forces act on an object that are balanced and the object doesn't move; no net force.

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  1. the force that slows down objects by rubbing against them
  2. the speed & direction of an object's motion
  3. the flow of electrically charged particles, electrons, between objects.
  4. a force that attracts certain metals and other magnets without touching; push or pulls on other objects
  5. a machine made of more than one simple machine

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  1. Polesends of magnets and the North Pole and South Pole: Positive & Negative poles, opposites attract (a + and - or (North & South); like poles repel (push away: South & South, North & North, 2 + or 2-)


  2. InertiaForce is measured in units called Newtons (not the cookie)


  3. Gravitya force that pulls everything toward the center of the Earth


  4. Machinea tool or device that makes work easier by changing the direction or the amount of force needed to move an object; DOES NOT make less work.


  5. Newton's 1st Law of MotionAn object in motion will stay in motion unless a force acts on it. An object at rest will stay at rest unless a force acts on it.(No Net Force)


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