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  1. Sophisticated user
  2. Superseding cause
  3. Private nuisance
  4. Arraignment
  5. Liens
  1. a in tort law, a defense that when a manufacturer sells a product to a sophisticated buyer, such as another manufacturer, the purchaser is responsible for instructing its employees about the dangers in using the product
  2. b initial step in a criminal prosecution; the defendant is brought before the court to hear the charges and enter a plea
  3. c if the causal connection to the resulting harm is broken by an intervening act or event
  4. d when an activity reduces the right of one person, or small number of persons, to enjoy property without unreasonable interference
  5. e a claim or encumbrance on property for payment of some debt, obligation, or duty. Qualified right that a creditor has in or over specific property of a debtor as security for the debt or for performance of some act

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  1. a general category of cases in which the producer or seller of products may be held responsible to buyers, users, or innocent third parties, who suffer injuries due to defects in the goods
  2. a tort where there is an intentional and unjustified intervention with a relationship that a party had been developing with others in an effort to obtain new business or more business
  3. nonviolent crimes committed by corporations or individuals; embezzlement, bribery, fraud, and violations of federal and state laws regulating business
  4. do not have an actus reus-only the mens rea and are Conspiracy, Solicitation, Attempt
  5. any of the joint owners will inherit from another joint tenant what that joint tenant owned in the property when a joint tenant predeceases the other joint tenants

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  1. Crimethe right, enforceable in equity, to the benefical enjoyment of property to which another person holds legal title; a property interest held by one person (trustee) at the request of another (settlor) for the benefit of a third party (beneficiary)


  2. Sentencing Guidelinesis the act of transferring illegally obtained money through legitimate people or accounts so that its original source cannot be traced; a federal crime that is often involved in illegal international transactions


  3. Material factan act or omission without which an event would not have occurred; the injury to a person would not have happened but for the conduct of the wrongdoer


  4. Caveat emptorknowingly; usually meaning that the defendant knew that the act in question was illegal


  5. Beneficiarythe failure to do something that a reasonable person, guided by the ordinary considerations that regulate human affairs, would do or the doing of something that a reasonable person would not do


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