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  1. Economic espionage
  2. Misdemeanors are charged by a document known as an
  3. Misdemeanors
  4. Consent
  5. Business trusts
  1. a a voluntary agreement, implied or expressed, to submit to a proposition or act of another
  2. b a business organization, similar to a corporation, by which investors receive transferable certificates of beneficial interest instead of shares of stock
  3. c when commercial trade secrets are stolen for use by a competitor; this is specifically in violation of federal law
  4. d a lesser crime that is neither a felony nor treason, punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment in other than state or federal penitentiaries
  5. e Information which is compiled by a victim and the police.

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  1. whom we compare the conduct of the defendant at the time of the negligent act.
  2. when a supplier sells a product to an intermediary in bulk, the supplier can discharge its duty to warn the ultimate users if it provides adequate instructions to the distributor next in line, or determines that the intermediary party is adequately trained in the use of the product
  3. a deed containing one or more covenants of title; a deed that expressly guarantees goods, clear title and that contains covenants concerning the quality of title, including defense of title against all claims
  4. a tort in which there is a valid contract, and the defendant knew of the contract by intentionally cause a breach of the contract, resulting in damages to the plaintiff
  5. as to what an officer must have in order to approach an

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  1. Ultrahazardous activityin tort law, a rule that when an activity involves a risk of serious harm, strict liability will be imposed when any harm is caused to other persons or property


  2. Fee Simple and Fee simple AbsoluteTotal and complete ownership of realty (regardless of a lien(s) against the property existing, such as a mortgage). It is the highest and best form of property ownership.


  3. Eminent domainthe power to take private property for public use without the consent of the owner


  4. Assaultany word or action intended to cause another to be in fear of immediate physical harm


  5. Private nuisancewhen an activity reduces the right of one person, or small number of persons, to enjoy property without unreasonable interference


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