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  1. Clan
  2. Poachers
  3. Nelson Mandela
  4. lake victoria
  5. eritea
  1. a the newest country (nation) in africa
  2. b People who hunt and kill animals illegally.
  3. c africa's largest lake
  4. d First black president of South Africa.
  5. e Group of people related to one another.

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  1. People who flee their country to escape persecution or disaster.
  2. 33% of zimbabwe's adult population has this disease
  3. mountains that run in south east africa
  4. name of european south africans and their language
  5. A plant or animal that is threatened with extinction.

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  1. Lake VictoriaA source for the Nile River. (Is a lake)


  2. congo riverproduces 10% of the world's hydroelectric power


  3. zambezi riverthe river that flows over victoria falls


  4. sugar and tobaccolarge grasslands of africa


  5. HabitatType of environment where a particular animal species lives.


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